Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Wedding Planning Binder

I am a party plannin' fool. 
If you don't know this by now, well, you should.
Seriously, where have you been?

I LOVE getting organized, laying out all of the details
and having a vision come together.
Needless to say, with a wedding coming up in our near future
(please hold on date and venue mmmkthankssss!)
this will be the biggest event/party/fiesta/shindig that we will EVER have.
So let's get organized shall we? 
What you will need: 
- a man that is willing to spend the rest of 
his life with your crazy ass
- 2" binder
- dividers
- wedding magazines! LOTS of wedding magazines
- free printables
- stick on letters (preferably glitter, hellooooo..)
Start by deciding how you want to label your dividers. 
I labelled mine:
-Guests (lists, accommodations, RSVPs, etc)
-Attire (gown, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes, etc)
-Ceremony (decor, officiant, programs, etc)
-Reception (venue, food, entertainment, etc)
-Miscellaneous (everything else!) 
Then, just go crazy! The sky is the limit.
That sounded so stupid...
but seriously a properly made wedding binder will alleviate SO much stress. 
I kid you not, ladies.

A great group of ready-to-celebrate girls doesn't hurt either.

No, I will not become an obnoxious wedding blogger.
Yes, I will have other wedding-RELATED posts
and yes they may happen this week.
Sorry I'm not sorry.



  1. The planner is such a great idea! Wish I would've made one when I was getting married! Probably would have saved me a lot of time, and stress! Good luck in your planning!!

  2. Hi! I have been browsing for planners for some time and LOVE your idea! I was wondering if you had recommendations on site for good free printables? Also, I want to make my bridesmaids similar planners to, well, ask them to be my bridesmaids! I would like to include "your responsibilities" and "my responsibilities" section that is kinda funny, but im not very crafty or witty with words. Do you know of any templates or sites where these may be available?

  3. Indeed, an elegant wedding planning binder. I have engaged a wedding planner for arranging my wedding next month. Yesterday, he booked one of exquisite wedding venues NYC for our wedding at a great discount.

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