Monday, April 9, 2012

Edible Mini Easter Baskets!

Happy Easter!

I have a serious obsession with spring colors. I also like that wearing multiple bright colors in one outfit is now acceptable- although Dad thought I basically got dressed in the dark when I showed up wearing a coral dress with a huge, aqua necklace...

Anyway! The past few weeks have been extremely busy. I decided not to contribute any Easter sweets this year for dinner at Grandma's (pretty much everyone in my family is dieting and cupcakes aren't exactly bikini-friendly). I did, however, make something cutie for the boys- Alex (nephew) and James (Godson).

Saw this idea on Pinterest! Shocking, I know.
Edible Easter Baskets

I used 4 Reese's Peanut Butter eggs and 4 Snickers eggs. I cut a small piece of square cardboard to support the bottom. I arranged the 4 pieces of candy on the edges and glued the crinkled ends and bottoms. Next, I cut 2 strips of scrapbook paper (one patterned) and, arranged in the shape of a handle, glued the sides to the back of the candy pieces. Finish with a bow! (I feel that all instructions should end that way).

The boys did their Easter egg hunt at Grandma's and I volunteered to hide the eggs. They're getting older (almost 8 and 9) so I definitely got more creative on the hiding spots. Pretty sure my Grandma will be still finding eggs for the next few months to come! Usually, the smart thing to do is to count the eggs before hiding them. That way you know how many are missing. Well Aunt Corin obviously miscounted- whoops! The combination of counting, drinking wine and trying to ignore my mom, who was shouting shouting...  32, 12, 48, 62 51 ...just didn't work out.

As for me- I got theesseee Easter treats! Lovelovelove chocolate peeps!


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