Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY Candy Corn Wine Bottles

I know... more Fall crafting... you're over it.
This week is the first week it ACTUALLY feels like Fall in Florida
so I couldn't resist a super quick DIY.
 Candy Corn painted wine bottles!

You will need:
- 3 Empty bottles of Wine
..that you likely finished the week prior.
- White, Orange and Yellow Krylon spray paint
- Twine
- A gazillion layers of news and scrap paper so that your
significant other doesn't come running out of the house screaming that
you're getting orange spray paint ALL over your new patio set...
- And finally, a delish bottle of some form of Pumkin beer because
Fall crafts just aren't any fun without one

Start by painting the entire wine bottle white- top to bottom.
Allow the white to dry then do the same with the orange but
starting just below the neck of the bottle.
This was where I literally had to google the order of the color
for candy corn... please advise, WHITE, ORANGE, YELLOW.
Don't be that person with their candy corn wine bottles out of sequence.
Once the orange has dried, finish spraying the bottom of the bottle
with the yellow. Once everything is all dried, twine those babies up!

So easy and SO stinkin cute.
Happy Friday friends!

Monday, October 21, 2013

50 Shades of Gray

Said no one. Ever. 
On a happier note, we're all pretty much unpacked and ready for the fun to begin..
decoratingggg WEEEE!
On our Lowe's trip a few weekends ago, we were checking out some different
options for pavers in our backyard and naturally I was drawn to the walls and walls
of brightly colored paint samples, so down that aisle I went. 
^ If that doesn't make you gravitate towards it something may be wrong with you.. ^
We decided to go with a gray for our bedroom.. we'll tackle the
other rooms later but moving in with the current color of OLIVE 
in the master was simply not an option. 
Seriously how stressful is olive??
Not a fan.
So gray. When they say fifty shades of gray, they ain't kiddin.
About 30 samples of gray and 2 trips to the paint store later, we finally settled on a color. 
I also may have left out the two petty paint fights via text message. 
Word to the wise for any men out there who are considering assisting in the paint process:
the phrase "JUST PICK ONE!" should never come out of your mouth. 
Just pick one? 
I'm looking at a gazillion frickin shades of gray here to the point where I feel
like I'm going cross-eyed and most of them are starting to look purple. 
And if our walls end of purple? Game over.
Second piece of advice: sample swatches. Lots.
Also be super excited about the swatches that you have gathered and take an obligatory selfie.
You're about to commit to slapping one particular
color all over your bedroom walls- where you will wake up every morning,
where you will go to bed every evening, where you will down glasses of wine
while in bed watching Disney movies.
Pick a good solid color for your bedroom, if nothing else, for crying out loud.

Here are some rooms I found on Pinterest for inspiration..
We decided to go with Valspar's Woodland Colonial Gray.
Perfection :)
I LOVE the way it pops with the white!
That's the only room shot you get at the moment since my bedroom is
in minor disarray and I am DESPERATELY in need of a new duvet cover...
Barbara Barry, I can't wait to have your fabulous pattern
spread ALLLLL over our king bed :):) 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Dip & Craftoberfest

It is MID October in Florida, people. 
Which, yes, means that we are still experiencing temperatures in the high 80's.
I know I complain about this way too much but one day in the 60's
and I will be a happy, happy, happy girl. 
As if I'm not already all pumpkin'd out for the season, I came across
this little gem of a recipe on Pinterest and tried it out for the first
time for a football get together at my best friend's house.
Best part ? 
Four ingredients. 
Those are the types of recipes that just speak right to my little heart.
You will need:
Start by first allowing the cool whip to thaw out a bit.
Then whip together the pumpkin, vanilla pudding, cool whip and
gradually add 2 tsp of Pumpkin Pie spice.
Stir all ingredients together until smooth.
Serve with sliced Granny Smith apples, Nilla wafers or cinnamon graham crackers.
Easy peasy, yes?
In addition to this fabulous little fall snack, yesterday was so fun!
A big group of us went to Craftoberfest on the square.
$35 to drink and sample all the craft beer your heart desires for 4 hours? Sold.
Favorites included Florida Cracker and Blue Point pumpkin.. shocker.

I am LOVING being back in this little town of mine lately.
I feel wayyy more relaxed and have taken on kind of the
"gettin shit done" attitude. That MAY have been the power yoga sesh this morning
but EITHER way- loving Ocala, loving life.
Ok now that "yay me" rant is over- have a fab Sunday gals :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Moroccan Themed Baby Shower

Saturday morning, I just love you.
I honestly can't remember the last Saturday that I slept
in past 7 AM. However, thanks to my internal alarm clock I 
couldn't go back to sleep after my eyes shot open at 7:45. Yayyyyy!
So today has already consisted of a solo Pumpkin Spice date, Halloween crafting,
food prep for a super delish fall treat (post tomorrow) annndddd now I bring to you
a catch-up post from Jen's Baby Shower for sweet Mikaela that was held a few weekends ago.

Jen is a little planner herself! A few years back she traded in her Anatomy & 
Physiology books for fabulous little wedding notebooks and Swarovski bedazzled pens and
said hello to the wedding planning World. She's helping with my own wedding and
"on her A-game" is a major understatement. So when it came time for HER baby shower
she kind of took the reigns and her girls had to start jumping in and asking for tasks.
Bottom line, it turned out fabulous. 
Operation Moroccan-themed Baby Shower? Check, Check, Checkkk!
No wedding planner organizes an event without Chiavaris.. 
Festive Linens
Donut Hole Skewers
Bath Salt Favors
Mimosa Bar: Because no function before 3PM 
is complete without one
Popcorn Bar
Amaretto cake with glitter truffles and Red Velvet cupcakes

Now can we talk about this little peanut's nursery??
I am a SUCKERRRR for pink and grey. So feminine and adorable!
The crib was compliments of Jen's co-workers and the little DIY-Queen
herself did the framed "M."
Crystalynn and I wanted in the crib. Standard...

The SWEETEST little baby booties you ever did see!
 MK "Diaper Bag"
We're ready for Babyyyy!
Jen and her work girls

It was such a sweet shower and I can NOT wait to meet this little Princess.
Come onnnnn Mikaela! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Venue, Caterer & Photographer

It's only fitting that there's no longer a Wedding Wednesday linkup
now that yours truly is engaged. Seriously. 6 months ago I was secretly
still participating sans the ring on my left hand. Now that it's acceptable
OF COURRSEEEE I'm the only one who feels the need to continue with 
these super fun yet sometimes obnoxious posts! 

So for those of you who haven't been paying attention, in the past
month we have picked up, moved to a new town, started new jobs and
Oh! Right! We're still planning a wedding. So blogging hasn't been number uno. 
Or dos, tres, quatro, cinco.. you get the picture.

So let me bring you up to speed on wedding items!

1- We have a venue:
On March 1st 2014 we will be getting married at BG Equestrian Resort.
"Fabulous" honestly doesn't do this place justice. 
The property is just jaw-dropping. We both wanted an outdoorsy
wedding but not necessarily "barn wedding." This farm was perfect.
They call it an equestrian resort so translation? High class farm. 
There's around 90 acres of green pastures and a BEAUTIFUL 
10,000 square foot house which we will also be renting out for 
the wedding party that weekend. 

2- We have a caterer:
We booked our caterer and finally decided on a menu!
At first I was so against a buffet-style dinner because when I think
wedding I think SITTING and being SERVED. Well, with a guest count
of around 300, a plated meal was not an option. So out with that idea.
Buffet-style will be more than fine. We went with a spinach-stuffed chicken
breast and a prime rib carving station. So glad that is finally checked off 
the list because if you remember THIS POST you will recall that I
hate the food part. So moooooving right along. 

And YES I did just drop you a little teaser just now. 
We decided to book a photographer out of Orlando that we
have worked a couple events with in the past so we knew their 
work was amazing. We took our engagement pictures (post to come!) out at a few
different parks and..
Next item!

4- We sent Save the Dates!
Ok let me rephrase, we're in the PROCESS of sending save the dates.
I've been sending them out for about a week or so now and my 
parents keep sending me more lists of family we forgot, people they
went to high school with, blaaaahblahblah. 
So needless to say I've been killin' me some bottles of wine lately
just a stampin' away! BUT we're almost there. 

So how's that for a wedding update?!
4 and a half months to go! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I can't express enough how much I love the month of October.
I would be lying to you if I said it was the crisp Fall air and watching the
leaves change color because... well, let's be honest y'all I live in Florida.
YES it's still 90 degrees and YES I am already flooding Instagram
with Pumpkin Spice Latte and "scarf weather!" posts.
Let it be known that by "scarf weather" I actually mean sitting in
my air conditioned vehicle with the AC blasting.
But baaacckkk to October..
October is ALWAYS full of change I feel.
And I love me some change.

After almost 8 years of living in Orlando, Bryan and I recently
made the decision to move back to our little ol' hometown.
Where we grew up. Where we went to school. Where we both met. Where our families live.
I can't help but notice the expression on peoples' faces when we say
we made the move back. I'm not sure if it's shock or excitement and I'm
willing to place a bet that it isn't exactly the latter of the two.

Don't get me wrong. I.. WE.. have both learned so much in Orlando.
We got our degrees, we started businesses, we met some amazing friends.
We were given the opportunity to work with some truly amazing individuals.
I've gained valuable life lessons.
I've met a lot of great contacts and I truly would NOT trade my experience for anything.
It was just time to go. 
Time for change.

So! Here we are. New house. New town. New jobs.
Some big changes are happening around these parts.
I am beyond ecstatic for our future endeavors and can't wait for a fresh start.
But let me tell y'all, I will MISS THE HECK out of that town and its people.