Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspiration: Hello Kitty Themed Party

We're only a feeeewww days away from March which means that
we're that much closer to *APRIL* which is Claire Baby's birthday month!
Claire turns 2 on April 4th and if you haven't already you can read her story HERE.
My sister-in-law decided to throw a joint party instead of having 3 separate ones which-
Awesome idea!
So not only will we be celebrating Claire's 2nd birthday but also one year of her
being cancer free and (wait, there's more!) a HOUSEWARMING
since my brother and sister in law close on their new home in a few weeks!

So for this edition of Oh How Pinteresting.. 
I'm obsessing over these Hello Kitty party ideas for Claire's birthday portion of the party. 
These cupcakes.
I can't even handle these.
I think we have 100% decided that this is the type of cupcake that I'll be making.
You know how I love working with fondant :)
Easy printable goodie bags.
These are SUCH a good idea! 
I've seen a few where you individually make each but
for time's sake- pop these babies in a printer and you're good to go!
Pink and White striped straws with
mini pink bow in cups for the kids. 
I love this princess banner. 
WILL be making this mmmmkk?!
I don't love the choice of flowers here-
I'm thinking more pink and white peonies.
The idea is super cute though- glass vases
but maybe fill the bottom with pink tissue paper?

Ok I could honestly go on and on... but let's be serious
too much Hello Kitty just gets ridiculous so we won't go 
overboard here! Go link up!! 
*note: Housewarming party inspiration and
"Yippy! Cancer Free" themed party ideas also on the way!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Drivers.... and Danica Patrick

Did you know that they actually say that!?
I mean if that isn't sexist- I don't know what is.
So at this point it's probably clear that we went to the Daytona 500 on Sunday.
Last year was my first experience and QUITE an experience it was!
When I think of day drinking it's either tailgating for a football game or Mimosas.
Well, I figured I couldn't go wrong if I just went ahead and combined both right?
We left the house around 4 in the morning last year and I was passed out by 9AM.
So the theme this year was pacing myself.
It's a marathon... not a sprint, Corin.
1. 3:45AM & boom. Dressed. Ready to go.
2. Paula Koooziieeee (Have I ever mentioned I love the word koozie ? )
3. Oh that's just me. Pacing myself.
Insert straw in champagne bottle and INSTANT PARTY!
4. Bubs :)
5. Vrrooooommm! So close!
6. Really kind of impressed with Bry's dad's photog skills!

So to conclude this post, I just don't know that I'm totally cut out for NASCAR.
I know, I know. I totally fooled you with my rhinestoned sunglasses,
 monogrammed camo tee and my mini bottles of champagne
but I just don't really fit the part!
Reasoning, you ask?
1. If someone asks you who you're rooting for and you reply
with "I don't know yet! I'll let you know on the last lap."
NASCAR probably isn't for you.
2. If you would rather chew your arm off than step foot
in a portopotty that has been used by hundreds of drinking rednecks who
probably just had a full plate of biscuits and gravy from Cracker Barrel. BARFFFF.
NASCAR probably isn't for you. 
3. If the sight of mullets and cutoff jean shorts makes you shutter.
NASCAR probably isn't for you. 
And most importantly....
4. If you have the attention span of a friggin goldfish..
then honey, watching 200 left turns over the course of FOUR HOURS-
it's just not for you!

Yes, friends, I have just described myself to a T.
I just cannot stress enough that I am a highly distracted person.

Anyway! So yeah the Daytona 500! There you have it folks. :) 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Burgers 'n Beer & Lilly P

Good Lord- are you over my food posts yet??
Sowwiieeee I'm just so ridiculously proud of NIGHT #3 of dinner at home.
On last night's menu was good ol' fashioned burgers n beer!
Served on none other than a Lilly Pulitzer plate. Duhhhhh.
There was a sale on all the Lilly party stuff at a boutique around the corner
so naturally I purchased a bunch of that shizzzz. 

Speaking of Lilly...
I know I touched a tad on some spring shopping things
that were at the top of my list yesterday but that was fun right??
So you won't complain if I do it again, right?- Spring Wants: Dress Edition ? 
The "Delia" Dress
The "Pearl" Dress
The "Cassie" Dress

Ok I'll stop overwhelming you with $300+ dresses
which, in itself, is a tad depressing.

I'm off to partake in a Groupon date night!
You have gotttt to love the Groupon "Now" deals! 
Happy Friday Eve fraansss!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chicken Pot Pie: My 3 Favorite Things

Onnnnnly kidding people!
Nobody panic.

But seriously!  Everybody loves chicken pot pie, do they not?

Ultimately I would like to conquer these bad boys:
Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes via

But since I'm neither THAT crafty nor do I have enough faith in conquering them, 
I give you my homemade chicken pot pie:
Not bad for just a little baker, eh?
Ignore the 8x8 casserole dish. 
I actually don't own a pie dish.
Note to self: Invest in a pie dish.

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Press one pre-made pie crust
on the bottom of dish.
2. In a 2 quart sauce pan mix 2 1/2 cups shredded chicken,
1 can Cream of Chicken soup, one bag of mixed frozen vegetables and salt and pepper to taste.
3. Whip it all up! Then spread evenly over pie crust.
4. Lay second pie crust on top and crimp crust all around the sides.
5. Cut slits in top pie crust and pop in the oven
for about 30 minutes on 400.

That's it! 
Easy Peasy!
Two dinner recipes so far this week- I know! WHO am I right?!
Please don't be under the impression that I am some kind of foodie blogger. 
Because that I am not.
I'm just holding myself to my word and cooking dinner every night this week.
That's right- NO. RESTAURANTS.
I won't lie to you- kind of rough! 

But think of all the money we have saved the past 2 nights!
When I say "we" I actually mean Bry.
But saving money on dinners means spending money on more important things!
cough spring shopping cough

Ok moving on!
I have some 1000mg Ibuprofen, a pillow and some Bravo TV calling my name-
Wisdom Teeth 1 - Corin 0 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paula Paula Deen, YALL!

I just love me some Paula Deen.
On my recent trip to Savannah, it was an outright NECESSITY
that not only do we make a pit stop at the gift shop, but that we dine at
Paula's restaurant, The Lady & Sons.
Just when I didn't think it was possible to put butter on butter?
Naturally, we had to snap a pic next to the life sized Paula cutout.

Ok onnnnn to the foodie portion of this post!
On last night's menu was steak and shrimp- not just any steak and shrimp,
Paula-inspired steak and shrimp!

I picked up the Whiskey Steak Sauce at the Paula gift shop in Savannah-
along with a pink "Hey Y'all!" koozie because doesn't every girl just NEED one of those??
Anyway- BOYFRAN decided that he wanted to go shrimping late Sunday night.
So that he did.
He took off around 8PM and braved the 30 degree weather
(apparently that's the best time to go shrimping?)
and came back with tons of little shrimpies!
Enter Monday night dinner planning..
Grilled up some steaks, boiled his freshly caught shrimp and dunzo!

Juuuust a little heads up- you will see 3 more similar posts throughout the course of the week.
We decided to eat in this week, well, ok.. Monday-Thursday, in attempts to save a little monay honaaay!
Thrifty. I KNOW.

On to preparing dinner numero dos at home!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Weekend Shenanigans

Ello lovers!
Are yall getting tired of the "Wedding Weekend" title??
Well the good news is there's only 3 more!
The bad news is you're going to have to sit through another recap post. :)

Friday was a ROUGH work day considering my work bag
(including my lap top)
was stolen last week. I know. I kind of have the worst luck!
So after a cruel day of my phone blowing up,
Bry, myself & Jakey baby loaded up in the truck to head back home
for Lyndsey & Kyle's wedding weekend. 

First up, the Friday night rehearsal dinner:
(I'm stealing some of your pictures Stace!)
The fabulous soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Landmann!
Before you even ask!
Dress is from Love Culture. Literally $25 bucks.
My mom would be so irritated if she knew I was still saying that.
I have the WORST habit of not being able to just accept a damn compliment.
Girlfriend says: "Cute dress!"
Corin says: "Girl, it was SO CHEAP! Love Culture in the Outlet
mall. Only $25! Go get you one!" 
Too much information. What if they don't want to buy their own?
What if they just want to borrow yours?
What if they hate it and they're just trying to be nice?
Let's try this again.
Girlfriends says: "Cute dress!"
Your response: "Thanks!" 
Boom. Done. Move on.

That shall be a work in progress! 

On to wedding day:
How BEAUTIFUL is this dress?!
1. Monogram cocktail napkins of course. 
2. The cake was absolutely adorable! Annndddd delish.
3. Tree stump table numbers.
4. A piece of the reception spread which does NOT do it justice.

Meanwhile on the dance floor.... 
Colton was breaking it down to Thunderstruck.
These girrrlllllsss.. 

And then a few post-wedding shots with our fabulous bride
One of our friends from high school 
was Kyle & Lyndsey's photographer and I can't express enough
how amazing these are going to turn out... 
But what would all of the excitement be without a teaser ? 

Alright folks that's all I got! 
That was a fun distraction but IN THE MEANTIME-
my wisdom teeth are coming in and oucccchhhhhhhhhh.
I'm about to extract Mr. bottom right side MYSELF. 
Clearly looking forward to this week's trip to the dentist.
Said nobody ever.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Social: VDAY!

Happy Sunday night to all you sweet cheeks!
Can I just say.. holy friggin BRRRRR.
Last week it's mid-70s and this weekend we're down to the 30s?
I mean really Florida. Make up your mind.
Anywaaayyyy- doing my FIRST Sunday Social link up with 
Miss Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup.. 
Topic?! Valentine's Day!

1. Best Valentine's Day you've ever had: 
Well, EVERY Valentine's Day over the past 8 years has been amazing but if I had to choose, and for the sake of this link up- I do, I would say V-Day 2011.
Bry bought us last minute (literally) plane tickets to New York City and
we spent Valentine's night in the cittaaayyy! Seriously. Best ever.
As if the trip alone wasn't enough, we also spent a grand total of $60 on 6
chocolate covered strawberries at the Godiva shop on Times Square. 
Did I mention we waited for over an hour ? 
Honestly, Corin, please be more of a brat...

2. Worst Valentine's Day you've ever had: 
Ouch. Ok! So in 6th grade I was a tadddd obsessed with a 7th grader
(an older man- ballsy, I know)
so I got sucked into buying one of those $2 candy grams that they deliver
to classrooms on Valentine's Day and of course, sent one to my little 7th grade crush. 
Well not only did I not receive one back, but he sent one to one of my best friends!
I mean dang. Talk about a Mean Girls moment. 

3. What did you do for Valentine's Day this year:
Grabbed a couple of our favorite brews at Taps
Caught a great movie
and finished off the evening with a few glasses of wine and some delish steaks at Ruth's Chris.  
4. Best Valentine's idea if you're single:
Girlfriends. Lots of candy. Possibly tequila ? 

5. Favorite Valentine's Candy:
Dove chocolate. Ugggghhhhh I lovvveee.
I have such an unhealthy obsession with chocolate and apparently they're on to me.
6. Favorite Valentine's memory from your childhood:
Not to snag this one from our lovely hostess, Neely, but
honestly my Mom went all out for my brother and I on Valentine's Day.
Breakfast in bed, roses and always tons of sweets. 
I actually blame Mom for my expectation of waking up Valentine's Day
morning with SOME sort of a surprise. Sorry babe!

So kick back, relax, turn on some RHOA and go link up!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Savannah: Bachelorette Weekend

In the words of R.Kelly:
Holy. Freakin. Weekend.
On Friday afternoon, seven crazy Florida girls departed for
Savannah, GA for a relaxing wild weekend in honor of our fabulous Bride-to-be,
otherwise known as a Bachelorette Party.

Relaxing it was not.
1. Had to pick up some necessities!
Shouldn't all Bachy weekends begin at the "Adult Supercenter" ? 
2. Our weekend rental :) LOVED that place!!
3. Monogram cups. Duh.
4. Cheersies and bling BLANGG!
5. Custom pins. Thank yoooou, Etsy.
6. Mandy, the gorgeous Bride to be, and myself.

1. Paula, Paula Deen yall! 
Dinner at Lady & Sons was nothing less than amazing.
2. After several beverages, we decided a ghost tour 
in a hearse was necessary.
3. Creeeepy house- Didn't snap any pics of ghosts
but we DID manage to irritate everyone else on the tour! Weee! :)
4. Dranks at the Chocolate Bar
5. Night One Aftermath. Empty champagne bottles errywhere. 
6. Recovery mode at Tubby's on the river.

1. Nothin like Ship Shots and live music.
2. Photo with our new favorite artist!
Check our Jared Wade on You Tube- this man will totally be famous.
3. The "Superman" at Wet Willie's!
4. Present time!
5. More saucy lingerie ;)
6. Dirty gifffttt! Quite possibly the best photo ever.

Saturday was the longest day of my life.
We winded up back at the house around 5 where we polished
off whatever was left of the champagne and Skinny Girl Margs.
*note to self: consuming the entire bottle of any Skinny Girl
product semi defeats the purpose.

We did gifts, Pin the Junk on the Hunk- which went
unpictured due to its graphic contents-
and eventually all got ourselves together (well, most of us)
and headed to dinner at Jazz'd and finished the night at Savannah Smiles.
Best. Dueling piano bar. Ever.
Sunday was the longest day of my life.
Didn't I just say Saturday was ?
I was wrong. It was Sunday.
Car ride home = miserable. 

AT LEAST we had some new tunes to jam to :)

Don't forget to linkup with Sami & Leeann for the weekend updaaaaate!