Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Treat Countdown: 3 days! [candy corn cupcakes]

Ok I skipped yesterday's treat post.
So now we're only 3 days away from Halloween!
Butttttt, today I have for you:
I believe the ingredients and instruction
process is pretty self-explanatory.
Check out this Vanilla Cupcake post for a refresher if you must :)

I was a busy bee this weekend!
Friday night went unpictured but we braved
the 20 mile an hour winds downtown and went
out for dinner, a movie and celebrated one of
our bartender's birthdays. 

SATURDAY was Jake's Halloween costume
contest at his Vet. Yes you read that correctly.
You know those people that blow up your news
feed with pictures of their kids? Every. Hour. 
I am kind of that way with my dog. 
Sorry I'm not sorry.
Is he not the cuteessstttt little Sheriff??
Anyway he won 5th place..
and no, not out of only 5 other dogs,
Mom already tried that one too.
There was probably around 25 dogs entered
and let me tell you- competition was steeeeeeep.
For example:
Coco was a pilot and she took 3rd.
Very impressed with her compliance with the sunglasses.

We actually ended up leaving with a ton of stuff.
Jake won a 2-night boarding stay (Hellooo vaca for Mom & Dad!)
a routine exam, a big bag of Science Diet 
and a bunch of little treats.
I'd say we made out well :)

The rest of Saturday consisted of
watching a TERRIBLE Gator loss.
Georgia is such a dirty team.
Also! It appears that Georgia brought their own
officials- how cute. 
And then for our Halloween party!
It wasn't as intense as it has been in the past-
mostly because a lot of our friends
were out of town for the FL/GA game. 
We weren't even sure we wanted to have people
over until last minute but it was fun
and I love me a good bonfire!
Our costumes totally sucked.
Hello last minute.
Last night basically just proved that I am, in fact,
getting old. Uggghhhh holy headache.
Gone are the days where I
paraded around downtown for Halloween
in pumps and a tutu exposing my ass.  
I am totally ok with that. 
Currently I am watching Hocus Pocus
(for the 293128746th time this week)
with my Pumpkin candle lit, windows open
and Bryan has some ribs thrown on the grill.

Until tomorroowwww <3

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Treat Countdown: 5 Days [candy corn hugs]

Nothing about today feels like Friday and lucky for Florida,
we have hurricanic (yes I made that word up) winds all weekend yayyeee!
Let's see if we can multitask here, shall we??

First off, 5 days until Halloween!
I'm keeping today's treat easy-peasy because
quite frankly, I have a UFO Pumpkin beer screaming my name.
I wasn't going to lie to you :)

You will need:
1. Preheat over to 350 Degrees.
2. Arrange a single layer
of mini pretzels on a cookie sheet.
3. Place chocolate on pretzels,
making sure there is approximately 1 inch between each.
4. Place cookie sheet in oven for 2 minutes.
*The Hugs melt faster than the Kisses, 
so make sure you watch them!
5. Remove cookie sheet and quickly
push a candy corn over each piece of chocolate.
6. Allow candies to cool in the freezer for 5 minutes.

Super easy, yes?!

Now let's write some Friday letters!

Dear Hurricane Sandy, you are ruining my weekend plans.
Also, please make up your mind.
Are you going to rain?
Are you not going to rain?
Either way, this better bring a cold front!
I have a cuuuutecutecute scarf I want to wear like yesterday.
Dear Jake, you are going to look *SO* handsome tomorrow
in your costume contest!
(Pictures to come)
I can't even express the amount of treats that
will be coming your way if you behave! :)
Dear Paranormal Activity 4, uugggghhhhhh.
I haven't slept in a week because of you.
I mostly keep thinking that I see
a dark shadow standing in my room once I
lay down to go to sleep. If that's not
terrifying, I don't know what is.
Dear Trick or Treaters, I'm so ready for yall!
I promise I'm going to have the best candy on the block!
Also, excuse my drunkenness. I may or may not
be downing a Tervis Tumbler of Moscato while passing out candy.

Go link up and I'll see yall tomorrow for some more treats!

Halloween Treat Countdown: 6 Days [spooky oreo spiders]

Well people..6 Days until Halloween! 
I decided to do these posts because there were
waaayyy too many cutie Halloween treats
on Pinterest and I didn't want to have a mental
breakdown and do them all at once.
Sounds good?
I thought so! :) 

First Up:

You will need:

1. Melt chocolate candies in microwave for
30 seconds. Add vegetable oil to smooth the texture if needed.
2. Drop individual Oreo cookies in melted chocolate.
3. Place chocolate covered Oreos in freezer for 3 minutes.
4. Cut licorice Twizzlers into half, then slice them down
the middle again.
5. Arrange sliced Twizzlers as "legs" around
the chocolate covered Oreos.

These were verrrrrrry easy. 
As a matter of fact I was sitting in my office
last night thinking about what I needed to go buy from the store
and realized I already had all the ingredients 
for these little treats.
Win Win, yes??!
(Yes I actually did have licorice Twizzlers in my pantry.
They were from the Angry Bird cupcakes I did forever ago.
And yes I will suggest not actually eating those.)

Short and week frans! See yall tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PINK Breast Cancer Charity Party

<3 October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month <3
..Is it me or is Breast Cancer Awareness becoming
bigger than Halloween during the  month of October? 
This month is very special to me.
My Mom is a survivor and I always like to show my support in one way or another.
Whether it's participating in a walk or donating, I feel that I owe
it to my Mom, whom I could have lost. 
Therefore I have decided to host *yet another* party! 
I chose to host a Bunco for Boobies charity event-
all proceeds to be donated to Susan G Komen. 
Oh what's that you say ? Bunco is for middle aged women
all hopped up on Chardonnay? 
Invite your girlfriends over to play one night,
and yes, 7-8 bottles of vino,
you'll see how exciting it actually is haaaa!

Beverage Display 
The concoction? 

Annndddd the Dessert Display. I clearly outdid myself this time.

Food Setup.. not as exciting, I know.
This buffet server was possibly one of my FAVORITE purchases;
Hellooo Spaceeee:
Here are some other Deets:
Keep Calm & Fight On Printable
..with more of those fabulous little glitter ribbons
I found from Michael's.
Pink Tissues Balls
I am on a tissue ball frenzy now that Kell
has showed me how to master these.
Tissue Balls at EVVEERRYYYY event! YAYY!
The "Hope" Banner
Kelley made this for me, literally the night prior.
I am mildly obsessed with Cricuts and what they can do. 
[Ignore the minor Halloween decor in the background.
I undecorated most of the house for the party but
a few things were missed- OOPS!]
Gift Bags!
[More Kelley projects.. ]
And my un-chalked chalkboard
that I bought from Kirkland's.
It formerly read "BOO" for Halloween
and I just turned it into a Welcome sign on the door for the party :)
$10 bucks well spent!
Finally, I saw this idea on Pinterest. I asked the girls to sign under the 
"I Wear Pink for.." 

Super excited that Mom & Gmom were able to attend!
The party was a total success and we had a blast!
We are donating $250 to the Susan G Komen Research Foundation.

It's not a gazillion dollars but I'm no Donald Trump, people.
I'm hoping to organize a walk in Ocala next year
to switch things up a bit!

We also just recently celebrated 2 of
my best girlfriends' bdays!
Jill turned 25 on the 9th and Haley turned 27 on the 15th.

I made this wine label for Jill.
I took Haley out for margs and gave her a cutie pic of us.
Followed by a super appropriate card. :)

That is all I have for you at the moment, friends!
Actually, I don't know what I'm talking about.
That was an obnoxiously long post.
You are welcome. 
Don't forget my Halloween Treat Countdown starts tomorrow!
Creepy laugh? Not so much? 

Monday, October 22, 2012

We Just Don't Stop...

I have come to the conclusion that Bryan and I simply
Do. Not. Stop.
We are CONSTANTLY on the go.
And quite frankly, that is the way we like it. 
We have a gorgeous home but only choose to stay in..
..ohh?? Maybe 2 nights a week?

Friday I had a totally cray day at work then
we hit the road for Ocala at almost 5 o'clock on the dot.
Friday night we had the traditional
"night before the tournament"
dinner at Mark's Steakhouse with Chris & Tiff.
Best steak ever.
Thennnn for a night out in Ocala!
Oh, how I love going back home :)
It is near impossible to be walking around the square 
downtown without seeing ten people you went to 
High School with- including but not limited to:
ex-boyfriends, high school football coaches, friends
whom you may or may not have had a falling out with.
Then there's the standard:
"WHEN are y'all getting married???"
Shut. Up.
Ohhh, always an exciting time :/
Then this happened:
We may have had several glasses of champagne at dinner.
I'm not sure. 

6AM on Saturday came REAL quick.
Well, clearly after that last little snippet of pictures...
We were on our way to Golden Ocala by 7 to
kick off the 4th Annual Rob McCoy Foundation Golf Tournament.
To reiterate, Rob was Bryan's best friend who was killed
by a drunk driver back in 2008 at the Florida/Georgia game.
We miss Rob everyday and my heart still goes out to his family.
All proceeds from the golf tournament go to scholarships
and the Boys & Girls club of Ocala. 
It's a huge turn out every year and it's so encouraging 
that all of the boys come together  this time of year to make it successful.
For Rob. 
It couldn't have been a prettier day for a golf tournament:
The boys who make it possible :)
How B.A. are the new Under Armour golf polos??

Saturday also ended up being a
fabulous day in college football.
A win for the Gators
(South Carolina has also been overrated since Day One)
AND another win for UCF! :):)

Then Sunday morning we headed to Tampa
to watch my Saints take on the Bucs for a 1 o'clock game!
The entire group we went with was super irritated
that Shannon and I were sporting Saints gear ;)
Bryan and I are clearly a couple divided :/
Are view wasn't too shabby either!
We just grabbed cheap tickets at sat at the pirate ship
bar in the end zone. 
It was the Bucs' throw back game, hence
all of the orange and the old school pirate mascot.
The Saints won after the Bucs caught a TD pass
For those uneducated football fans,
in layman's terms,
that pass would be considered NO GOOD. :)

So that about wraps up my weekend!
Oh oh ooohhhhh. And I finally decorated my front yard!

I can't *WAIT* to have sweet little trick or treaters this year!!
Last year was a little depressing, I decorated per usual,
only to have 3 rude little boys pound on my door  in wife
beaters, holding out their pillow cases.
No candy for you. You look like this everyday.

Re-Cap on the Breast Cancer fundraiser party coming soon!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy *almost* Weekend, Kittens!

We are jjjuusssttt about there, friends :)
Tonight Bry & I are heading back to Ocala
 for tomorrow's 4th Annual Rob McCoy Foundation Golf
Tournament at Golden Ocala.
I can't believe it's been almost been 4 years.

We miss you, Rob :)

August 18, 1987-November 1, 2008

"It ain't fair you died too young. 
Like a story that had just begun." 
Kenny Chesney