Friday, November 22, 2013

{ DIY } December To Do List & Christmas Fonts

Leeeet's talk about Christmas today! 
I realize for most of you that may be an annoying statement, BUT
coming from the person who makes that comment in June, mid-November
is a perfectly acceptable time to be gushing over Christmas-ness.
Everyone has seen the Fall, Summer, etc. "to do" lists on Pinterest, yes?
They're usually the super fun looking printables made up of several different fonts,
framed, and then, more often then not, displayed next to a festive apothecary jar.
Ok so maybe I'm continuously repinning the same one? 
Since this is my first December back home in 7 years I am milking every 
last drop of Christmas out of this month. So I found an acceptable/cute
way to compulsively list-make for all of my December "to do's." 
You will need:
Your computer
Whatever paint app you typically use
Fonts (see below!)
Christmas scrap book paper

First, click below and download some festive fonts.
The more the merrier!
No pun intended.
Next, go ahead and start your collaboration of all of your
"December to do's" and don't forget to use different fonts.
When you have thought of every possible holiday-related activity,
you're ready to print!
Add the scrapbook paper as accents and since we're from the south,
nothing is complete without either burlap or twine.

You can frame it or hang it or whatever you like but I chose
to display mine right smack in the middle of my kitchen on my
fridge where I know I will see it EVERY stinkin day in December.

And GUESS who else is equally stoked about Christmas??
Note: No animals were harmed during the process of taking this photo

Happy Friday :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dateiversary! And EIGHT years in Pictures

First off- Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served and
fought for this beautiful country. We truly are the Land of the Free because of the brave. 

Secondly- Happy EIGHT Year Dateiversary to main man, soon-to-be-husby,
cooker of amazing steaks, fur-baby-daddy to Jake, love of my life, 
best friend in the whole entire universe... Bry :)
I am feeling rather nostalgic today so I have a little treat for you all-
EIGHT (I don't know why I continue to spell out and capitalize this word)
years in Corin and Bryan...
Can I get a "YAAYYY??!"

Out to eat- when we were the obnoxious 10%
tipping 16 year olds.
Thank you, karma, later on in my serving years.

Halloween 2006.. dirty pirate hooker and Bryan's rather fitting keg costume

Family snuggles at the river and our new puppyyyy!

The start of a new business! And hair bleach! Weeeee!

Celebrating 5 years at the Orlando magic game

Cruising to Mexico and our FIRST vacation with both of our families.
Interesting to say the least..

Valentine's Day in NYC
A very spontaneous weekend get away and one of my most FAVORITE trips. 
Heart is happy :)

Pumpkin beers in Boston!
I will go ahead and say that discovering, not only pumpkin beer in general, but
that it is so deliciously accented with a cinnamon sugar rim was in our top 5 
favorite moments as a couple. It should have been a Shipyard commercial for crying out loud. 

Engaged in Punta Cana

I would be completely lying to you if I said that looking back at those
photos didn't just melt my heart and bring even the teeniest tear to my eye. 
Cheesy as it may sound, it REALLY doesn't feel like 8 years ago that Bryan
asked me, on a FREEZING cold drunken camping trip night, to be his girlfriend. 
We have been through our fair share of ups and downs.
We have run all of Bryan's businesses TOGETHER and working together is not an easy task.
We are a team. We're partners. We're best friends. 
But mostly, we are in love.
I love you Bry!
Ok- no more sappy lovey blog posts for a while now! I promise.
Until Wedding Wednesday..
Juuuuust kidding.
BUT on another note... I am slightly irritated that once we are married 
we're technically no longer allowed to celebrate our dating anniversary.
EIGHT (there it goes again, people) YEARS that are just unaccounted for?
No... I'm sorry, but no. 
So cheers to 8 years and this new, fun word that popped up on Urban Dictionary..

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Sangria and Back Porch Pavers

I have to admit.. I am sounding like such a DIY housewife lately.
Do I have y'all fooled yet?
I SWEAR I'm not as domesticated as it appears. The only thing I can cook is
pasta and I literally have to force myself to do any crafting cuteness.
Basically, unless it's cupcakes or cocktails (I foresee a themed holiday party to that effect)
..I'm practically useless.
I'm giving cupcakes the weekend off so I present to you... TA-DA!

Back up, back up, back up a second there. 
I won't even try and act like this was a quick casual
foodie photo shoot. No, no. I was in my backyard for almost 
45 minutes hovering over my picnic table with my Canon 
like a total freak until Bryan came outside and said,
"Uhhh, what's going on out here?" 
I am so not a skilled photographer so let's all just take
this somewhat visually pleasing picture in for a moment, shall we?

Annddddd done.
Moving right along.

So I had a ridiculously painful looking to do list the other day..
We're planning on setting up a sangria and champagne station
at our cocktail hour and sangria, my friends, is an easy thing to screw up.
I didn't want to wait the week before our wedding to toy around with recipes
so I took this fabulous weather as an opportunity to start getting creative.

Fall Sangria
1 bottle dry red wine (I used cab)
2 cups pomegranate juice
2/3 cup Brandy
1/2 cup orange juice
1 can Sprite
1 sliced Granny Smith apple
1 sliced orange
1 sliced lemon

Now stick a straw in that puppy and drink up.

Now put it down... 'cause we're not done here yet.
Bryan, being the back porch loving grill master that he is, decided
we needed pavers in our new home stat.
We had been weighing out a few different options for the past few
weeks and just decided to have it all done professionally since we got a great deal.
You know how there are just some things that should NOT be DIY?
In this household, pavers and weddings are one of them.
Now if Florida would just get a leeeeettle bit cooler we
could get a fire going. Throw in some adirondack chairs and we will be 2 happy people.

I have a couple other porch projects to work on.. including hanging all of these
babies that my mom made for our engagement party.

Happy Weekend :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

5 on Friday!

Five on Friday?! Why not!

- ONE - Family Christmas photos. I. Am. Obsessing.
No sooner that Halloween was over did my little ol Pinterest feed
just start to flood with Christmas-ness. I don't hate it.
I'm thinking this: 
Plus this... 
And then... there's this one.. I can't even handle.
You're welcome. 

- Two - Giving up soda. Yep, this is happening. 
It really is just awful for you. For the last few years I have been hooked on Diet Cherry Coke...
and diet sodas?  
Don't even get me started. 
La Croix is my new jam.
- THREE - Upholstered office chairs! 
Since moving into our new home, I can't complete decorating
one room at a time- oh no, that would just be too easy.
Since Captain Scatterbrain is all over the place, I have now started
on re-doing our home office. That being said, I am on the HUNT for the most perfect office chair.
These are some of my favorites.. 
- FOUR - Our engagement pictures :) 
Our photographer did an amazing job at our engagement shoot last month.
I ended up with almost 200 images from an hour and a half long shoot. 
We were suuuuper crunched for time- literally that morning I had to drop off 100
cupcakes at a shower, have my "goodbye lunch" with my Orlando girlfriends and
finish loading up the U-Haul that afternoon. Once we wrapped up our shoot-
we literally jumped in our cars and moved our butts back to Ocala.
It was a ROUGH day. But all of the images turned out beautiful! 
Except the bags under my eyes.
- FIVE - Farmhouse Tables. 
I have had my eye on these tables for the longest time. 
Now that we're in our new house and hosting our first Thanksgiving, this is happening.
We first just looked into buying one instead of making our own, uh, no. 
The cheapest one at Restoration Hardware was like $1500.
After checking out the wood situation... will be around $150 to make. 
Check back in a week or so for an update :)

And Happyyyy Weekendddd!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Photo Recap

I can NOT BELIEVE the month of October is already over.
We are 4 months away from wedding day and I know it's going to just fly by.

My new little Canon has been coming out to play quite a bit these days.
Here's some snap shots from the past month:

We decorated.
We took festive Halloween photos of our fur baby.
We went to the pumpkin patch.
We pouted like a small child when we were told "no" to getting
the lacey-looking pumpkin. ....still pouting over that one.
We baked Halloween ice cream cone cupcakes for our niece and nephew.
We forced our niece and nephew to eat the cupcakes so we can take pictures.
We burned through 4 Sweather Weather candles.
I know, I have a problem. 
We went to the carnival. 
We also watered our mums twice a week just like Mom said to and 
they still never fully blossomed like they should have. 
We watched our soon to be husby coach his football team.
We attended Mom's Zumba class for their annual costume Zumba party.
We carved a pumpkin.
Go Knights!
We went to the Coon Hollo corn maze.
We dressed up and passed out candy.
Correction: I passed out candy. 
Bryan went all out and purchased a smoke machine
and a strobe light and scared every small child that walked up our driveway.
Our neighbors hate us. 

I miss you already sweet October!