Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Despite the fact that we are in the mid 80's here in Florida...
Christmas is THREE DAYS AWAY.
No matter how many times I say, "NEXT year I'll get all of my Christmas shopping done early."
...Never fails.. I am that person who is still in stores shopping on Christmas Eve, practically
being asked to leave as the doors are closing. Whoops!
So here's a few cutie, last minute gift ideas for girlfriends or co-workers.

Everyone loves a good Starby's giftcard.
Spice it up a bit with some craft brown crinkle paper
in one of their throw away cups. 

OPI Nail Polish
Ulta has had some killer deals recently with their OPI nail polish.
Wrap her up with some tulle, curl a little ribbon and BOOM.. cutie last minute gift.

Reindeer Candy Bars

Mason Jar Snow Globes
Seriously SUCH a cute gift.. just.. make sure your lids on tight. :)

Bottle of champs! 
You simply cannot go wrong with any form of alcohol- wine, champagne, vodka.
Get yourselves a festive printable and you're good to go.

Happy last minute shopping folks!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pet Paw Ornament

Americans will spend approximately 5 million dollars this Christmas
on presents for their fur babies.
That tells me that I am NOT the only one who goes overboard
this time of year on my pup, despite what Bryan tells me.
I picked up a little paw print ornament kit near one of the registers at TJ Maxx recently.
Seriously, $4 dollars how could I go wrong?
I am such a sucker for anything near or even in the vicinity of a register.
It's like it's practically already purchased, no? 
Anyway here's our end result and how to master your own..

The kit looks a little something like this:
Start by squeezing the clay to break it up a bit. Once it is no longer firm,
mend it into the circular tray. Use the rolling pin to smooth any bumps.

Next, grab hold of your victim, even though he is peacefully eating his dinner.
Squish his manicured little paw into the clay, holding for a few seconds, reminding
your pet to hang tight because it will all be worth it in the end.

Next, use the straw to make a hole in the clay for the ribbon.
Allow it to dry overnight and finish with ribbon aaaannd a bow!
Now go hang that baby right smack in the middle of your tree.
Not so bad right, Jake ? 
He has been through worse... like our Christmas card shoot for instance... 
Happy pet torturing ornament making!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

1st Annual Christmas Cookie Bake

To say that the women in my family have an obsession with Christmas would
be saying it lightly. We always rotate who hosts Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner
and it has always seemed like the month of December just goes way too quick.
This year, my FIRST Christmas being back home since I was in high school,
we all decorated per usual, but we decided that we would all host some type of a get together,
more specifically for us Christmas-obsessed women.

Grandma: Christmas Cookies
Me: Christmas Movie night & cocktails
..ok, let's be honest, they will all be involving cocktails..
Aunt Sherry: Santa Wine Bottle Crafting
Mom: Ladies' "Favorite Things" Party
{JUST hosted by girlfriends' Favorite Things party- post coming soon!}

Behold, our Christmas cookie baking chaos:


 Such a fun day! And as you can see I was getting quite
camera happy snapping some pictures for the family dessert recipe book
..still in the process!

Anyhow my kitchen is still loaded down with treats and we are
I really didn't think a spring wedding through obviously...
Dieting during the holidays?

Happy 13 days before Christmas you little bakers! :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Merriment

Oh hello again Monday morning.
I have not missed you.
Linkin' up with Miss Sami to share some shenanigans:

1 // Christmas Town at Busch Gardens! I have not been to Busch Gardens
in YEARS so when a friend had a few extra tickets to his company Christmas party-
he REALLY had to twist my arm but we eventually accepted.
2 // World of Beer with this fabulous lady- we are still irritate at the fact
that they built a WOB in what is basically a retirement community.... WHY..
3 // Wrapping up some Christmas shopping. Bath & Body Works had a ridicccc
sale this past weekend- buy 3 items, get 3 items free. Which the shopping addict easily
turns into buy 12 items, get 12 items free. Oops.
4 // Jake's pictures with Santa at PetSmart. Just.... weird. If it wasn't for dragging
my poor pup (in a Christmas sweater at that) out on a Saturday morning because I was
set on cute puppy pictures with Santa... I would have just turned around at the sight of this man.
He looks like he wants to eat Jake. No words.
5 // Sneak Peak of a quick backyard shoot!
{More Tomorrow!}
6 // Taking full advantage of living in horse country again- Horseback riding for Mom's

Have a fabulous Monday lovelies!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas 2013 Wish List

Hoooooly Holidays!
We are TWENTY days away from Christmas people! 
I am a true believer that it is better to give than receive... which is why I am practically
DUNZO with all of my Christmas shopping yet I haven't managed to share anything that I would want.
So I pulled a few items together for my tall, dark and handsome Santa Clause:
// 1 // A new MK wallet! I am in DESPERATE need of one.
When the woman at the bank counter awkwardly gawks at you due to the 
status of your current one... tis time. 
// 2 // Statement necklaces- Loving anything BaubleBar or Francesca's at the moment
// 3 // Sugar Bowl tickets! Oh please, oh please, oh please!??
Our Knights are looking BCS Bowl Bound this year and predictions say we're goin'
to N'awlins! GEAUX KNIGHTS! Win or lose... I will still be found double fisted on Bourbon St.
// 4 // Seriously a girl can never have too many EOS lip balms. Hellooo stocking stuffer!
// 5 // Monogram Rain Jacket- Marley Lilly does 'em best :)
A girl can also never have too much monogram
// 6 // B&BW Candles! ALL of them! Hands down, the best smelling candles. 
// 7 // Infinity Scarves <3 Seriously who invented the infinity scarf anyway ? 
Now I can't wear any of my regular ones. Boooo!
Loving this fringe one that was recently seen on Groop Dealz!

Hope everyone is having as much fun Christmas shopping as I am.
One word: Amazon. 
Seriously, do it. :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thankful: Thanksgiving 2013 Recap { and table reveal }

Has it really already been a week since Thanksgiving?
Where has the first week of December gone??
I am way behind on recapping our day
{and sharing our fabulous new farmhouse table with you}
There. I said it. 
Well, if you follow me on Insta I guess it wasn't much of a surprise 
but let's go ahead and jump right into a photo dump from hosting our
FIRST Thanksgiving!
The table AND the dishes! 
The dishes were a HUGE thing for me this year. 
They are my Great Grandma's autumn dishes.
They were passed on to her daughter, and eventually my Grandma is
passing them on to my Momma. 
They are old yet still so beautiful. 
It was so much fun to have Great Grandma's OLD dishes
and our NEW farmhouse table. 
We're just jumping right into traditions these days :)
Getting my hostess on! 
Don't get excited.. it's cornbread casserole.
That and the sweet potato casserole were the only things I actually
tackled FOOD wise this year... well, and desserts.
Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Dip and.. Mom's Birthday cake!
I spy a little doggie trying to get in on Birthday cake action.
Every 7 years Mom's birthday falls on actual Thanksgiving day.
A birthday and a holiday- so fun!
It was a fabulous day and I was so happy everyone came
to our home this year to share it. 
I practically had all of my Fall decorations down once the last
person left our house on Thanksgiving day. 
Hey? A girl gets excited once the boxes of Christmas decor
start to come down from the attic, ok?
But it was a great day- I'm so blessed to have my family. 
My mom, my dad, my family who couldn't make it, my new, extended
family who will be welcoming me into their family as of March 1st. 
..aaand now it's time to break out the reds and greens, folks!