Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

Well HELLO there sugars.
Been a tad absent lately but hey! I'm a busy girl- what can I say?!
These days are just full of Red Bulls.. and emails.. and party planning and oh!
Highlights :)
Hashtag selfie. 

I've also been makin a friggin heck ton of CAKES!
Birthday cakes, mustache cakes, gender reveal cakes..
Take a look see:

First was Kristen's friend's 40th Birthday cake.
LOVED the detail that I managed to pull off on the bottom tier
but the "40" on the top ? Not sure what I was thinking there...
it's lookin a bit like a NASCAR side panel if I do say so myself.

Thennnn was my sweet sisttaa from another misstaa,
Crystalynn's, 25th birthday cake.
I mustache you a question...

Last but certainly not least was Taylor's
little nugget's gender reveal cake! 
I. Love. This. Idea.
I know it's not a new concept but this was definitely my first experience
and holy nerve wrecking.
Luckily the doctor was generous enough to not only clearly
write down the gender, but it was also appropriately colored with bright pink
jusssst in case. 

It's a..
GIRL! :) 
Taylor will be welcoming Miss Aubree Rae in about 4 months. 

Needless to say I have been in baking mode and with Easter
this Sunday (yes people, it's already EASTER) I'm thinkin
that I'll whip up something festive. Yesssiirrr.

I leave you with this little gem.
And now you will all have that obnoxious little jingle stuck in your heads.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Ghost of Spring Breaks Past

This isn't the first time I have said this but Bry and I have decided
that we must partake in some form of a "Spring Break" in the month of March
for the rest of our lives. Even when we do eventually have children.
Even when we're 80.
Does that sound a bit dramatic ? That's because it is. 
I cannot put into words how much I LOVE the month of March in Florida,
especially when I was in college. 
Every year (5 to be precise- yes, I took the scenic route to graduation)
when February rolled around we knew it was time to get our butts
in the gym slash tanning bed to gear up for the much anticipate Spring Break trip.

Let's review shall we?
1. Spring Break '07- Panama City Beach
My first official college spring break.
To say the least, this trip did not disappoint.
2. Spring Break '08- Panama City Beach Round II 
We had such a fab time the year prior that we said
eh- why not?!
3. Spring Break '09- Mexico
Best. Trip. Ever.
We have like 20 people on this cruise.
I honestly think only 10 returned ? 
4. Spring Break '10- Key West
Ok at this point we're all saying "Spring Break '10 ? 
That doesn't even SOUND cool anymore!"
5. Spring Break '11- Key West Round II
Again- decided we had so much fun that it was
a necessity to return the following year.

Bryan and I have been so friggin busy lately that I honestly
don't even think we realized it was March until a week ago.
So here we are. Mid-March. No vacation plans.
Enter this past weekend.
So my loveeely gal pals from back home decided to spend the weekend in Orlando
and the whole time it was kind of a joke that this was our
grown up version of Spring Break 2013.
Mainly because we are old.
And also because each morning we woke up our livers were hurtin'.
1. Pre-St. Patty's downtown pub crawl!
2. Morning mimosas and getting our glow on.
3. Dinner at OPA which is a RIDICULOUSLY fun Greek restaurant.
4. Lynds' arm candy was photo worthy.
5. The anticipated boat day out at Disappearing Island for St. Patty's Day
6. Dyinngg on the boat. Hottest. Day. Ever.

Soooo that was the weekend/working girl version of a spring break/
drank too much/ate too much/got way to much sun update!
Don't forget to link up with Miss Sami for the weekend update.
And Happy Spring break to all you other in denial working gals!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Shenanigans or lack there of..

Happy Monday Morninggggg! 
YES! I am annoyingly chipper this morning despite the time change. 
By the way, it's 2013.
Invest in a smart phone people, it's amazing the things it will do for you. 
Actually I take that back. 
The clock in my car has been wrong since LAST daylight savings and a few weeks
ago when I finally decided to change it back an hour to the accurate time, I made
an executive decision to hold off on that until this past Saturday.
Makes sense, no?
Back on topic- not a ton of shenanigans to report this morning
as I purposely didn't cram pack my weekend with exciting festivities. 
It feels like we have been out of town practically EVERY weekend.
1. Popped some cuppycakes in the oven Friday night
because the "baked goods" smell was starting to leave my house... sad!
2. Had some sushi at my FAVE little downtown restaurant with
Bry Baby and, of course, a movie to follow.
3. Met up with my parents in Daytona for Bike Week
and myyy my my my an experience it was.
4. Sunday walk with my boys. Can we say handsome?!
Say handsome. 

This week will be consumed with:

1. Work. And a ton of it.
2. Cleaning. Literally I have a cleaning project to tackle every night.
Happy Spring cleaning yaaalll!
3. Dinners at home.
Yeap. We're trying to do that money-savin thing where we DON'T eat out.
4. And mastering this bad boy- which speaks for itself.

Everybody go back to getting your Monday on and have a good weeeeeeekk.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Green & Dirty

Thaaat's right people. That is how I like my men.
Those are just 2 words that described the ending of my weekend
and the beginning of my week..

1. 4-Leaf Clover Door Hang with Burlap Flower
2. More fun purchases from Michael's
3. Everyone loves a yard steak, yes??
4. Hanging Leprechaun Hat

Looking back at this picture, I'm seeing a lot of glitter.
I'm thinking I need to do less on the glitter decor ?

Like, super dirty:
If you're looking for an explanation, I really don't have one other
than- Bryan bought a new toy ? ;)
We're actually planning on reenacting this again on Saturday.

Sorry for the picture repeats if you follow me on IG...
which reminds me!
If you don't already, go follow me on Instagram righhttt meooww!
That way you can have access to these obnoxious super fun pictures
at your hot little finger tips..
(Ok, I feel like there's some type of a rule ?
I can only get side tracked once in each post.
Today we're gonna go with 2 mmmk??)
Anyway- fingertips!
I feel like I have the STRANGEST ailments I SWEAR!
So last Friday I made a birthday cake for one of the girls I work with
(post coming soon)
and basically it's been a week since I have had sensation
on the tip of index finger on my right hand from my frosting gun.
What the efff man??

Alright yall- Happy Friday & I hope everyone else
is counting down the hours until Margaritas.
Oh that's just me? Yay!