Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Nostalgia :)) & My Best Friend the Seminole

Another throwwww backkk!
Recall me saying I was going to be posting about old events, etc
 to clean up my "Hostess" page ?
Well here's another. Last week marked the official start
of Fall- despite what Starbucks will tell you about the debut of Pumpkin Spice
being the official start. So I'm feeling a little nostalgic! 
Last year, my mom and I had the brilliant idea to host a massive,
rustic Thanksgiving dinner. 
Around mid-August to early September, random Fall decor
started to accrue in my parents' spare bedroom.
We had invited about 45 friends/family members over for Thanksgiving
so it's safe to say that, yes, Mom and I went a little over board. 
My mom wanted to have dinner outside (such a fab time of year) so she had
4 picnic tables made and we squeezed them all together in their 3-acre backyard.
I had a vision.
Burnt oranges, dark red, deep browns, decorative leaves, mason jars...
The end product?
I'd say we delivered on that.
Here is another side shot in case the first
does not it justice:
It was the sweetest thing- I literally felt like a pilgrim, even with my bottled bud light.
There's nothing like sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner
and being able to look left, look right and be able to
see the people that mean the most to you. 
hashtag happy :) 
Two of my girlfriends even drove back
home from Orlando with me (their families were out of state).
They obviously brought the necessities. 
Also note Haley bonding with Grandma
over her obnoxious Green Bay sweater... Wisconsin...
The girls stayed the weekend and we drove up
to Gainesville that Sat for the
Florida/Florida State game. 

If you haven't picked up on the fact that Bryan and I are Gator
fans, you're either a little on the blind side or you must have just joined us,
in which case welcome new friends. I am a Gator fan.
What the hell, Florida?
Throw another pick why don't you.
The Gators lost last year but we still had a blast. 

ANNYWAAYYY- let me bring you back to present date!
Bry & I are getting ready to purchase our Florida/Florida State
tickets for this year's upcoming game.
We're making the trip to Tally that weekend and staying with
(Aly if you didn't know that, you do now) 
my best friend, right:
We've been trying to get up there for A WHILE NOW
but something keeps popping up every.stupid.weekend. 
LOVE YOU AL!  Kind of over September at this point... come onnn October & November! :):)

Where is my Bubble Bib necklace that I ordered
forever and a day ago? 
No, but seriously.
I was forced to purchase another statement necklace
from Francesca's to wear this Saturday for the UCF game!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Boat Day with Mom & Dad

Happy Happy MONDAY!
I should probably work on a new way of
starting my Monday morning posts because I
realize most people aren't as chipper as I am after the weekend.
I'll work on that!
I didn't get to bed until super late and had a very busy start to my day
which meant breakfast in the car again.. HOLLAHOLLAA!
I am 100% addicted to these Belvita breakfast things.
They taste like Teddy Grahams.
I don't feel that I need any further persuasion as to why you should also purchase them.
If you are thinking to yourself "What is on your body slob-kabob?" 
Calm down. It's actually not all that terrible. 
I only have 2 client meetings today and I have made
the transition to heels for those :) 
And the reason for the shrug is because 
Walked out of the house this morning to 75 degree weather!
Only kidding... but recall that I am a Florida girl
and we don't have an actual Fall or Winter so I will take
any excuse to bundle up. 
Even if I have to crank up my AC in the car 
to make that acceptable. 

Getting off topic!
So we took my parents on the boat out to New Smyrna yesterday!
My parents are always a good time so needless to say it was a great day.
No floating- we fished pretty much the whole time. 
Highlights of the day include:
Dad hooking a huge red fish that was thrashing
and jumping out of the water like something that would
be on the Discovery Channel (and then losing it).
Bryan's "photo of defeat" after losing a black tip shark
off of the gaff. What can I say? I capture every moment.
Mom flagging down a jet ski to tow us in- probably one
of the coolest people I have met in a while. 
Long story short- there was a problem with the gas line- blahblahblah
we had to get towed back. Bryan felt terrible having my parents there
(Mom didn't understand why until I explained that it was a guy thing..
in women terms, it would be like me going over to Bry's parent's house
to make Thanksgiving dinner and I set the turkey on fire. She immediately understood.)
And finally, a beautiful NSB sunset :)

Oh and let me leave you with a recipe!
I made skinny egg salad to bring on the boat yesterday for sandwiches.
No one knew it was skinny otherwise I think it would have gone
untouched. But no one noticed and it was delish.... and low-cal.
100 Calorie Sandwich Thins 
8 Peeled, Hard Boiled Eggs
4 Teaspoons Light Mayo
1/2 Teaspoon Dijon Mustard
Salt and Pepper to taste
Separate yolks from egg whites.
Discard 6 of the yolks.
Chop eggs and combine with mayo, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Purchases- New Makeup!

Let me just begin with how
noncompliant my skin is.
As of recently, I have been taking a lot of extra (and not-so-cheap)
steps to improve my skin.
Mom & Dad gave me a Clarisonic for Christmas and I swear by it.
So much better than using a washcloth- which studies have shown
Waaaaaahh :/ No thank you!
I have also been a MAC user since high school.
I loved the Studio Fix Pressed Powder and went through about
one compact every 5-6 weeks.
They typically run about $30 a pop which isn't very budget-friendly
but I have been justifying it for years because I loved the coverage.
Once I started seeing my esthetician, Vanessa, she practically
forbid me to continue using MAC. 
MAC is disgusting, it clogs your pores, blahblahblaaahh..
..I still didn't listen.
It's been a few months now and I FINALLY switched my
makeup up yesterday.
I walked into Ulta extremely open-minded and walked out with
Napoleon Perdis pre-foundation skin primer and foundation stick.
Let me fore-warn you:
I sat down with one of the make-up artists
(whom I loved by the way- turns out her daughter lived in
Ocala and she's a major wine-o so I handed her a card and told her to swing
into Brew and I'd buy her a glass!)
for the application process.
The whole time she was explaining how light and oil-free
everything was- even pointing out that the primer
was "Florida-proof." SOLD. 
Anyway back to the fore-warning!
Each product cost about $50 bucks.
BUT she informed me that both should last me about 4-5 MONTHS.
Months? You mean weeks? 
She nearly fell out of her chair when I told her how much
of my MAC compact I went through in a month,
which I firmly believe is due to the fact that it's such loose powder.
I kid you not, powder was flying everywhere anytime I applied makeup.
After laughing at me for attacking my makeup, she confirmed again:
4-5 months.

(as if dropping a hundo on makeup wasn't good enough)
I treated myself to my fave perfume-- I've been out! :/
I was so excited to get ready to go out last night
(we went downtown for Sushi & drinks for
a friend's birthday)
Bryan and I ended up back at Brew like the good bar-owners we are.

The night, in regards to my new face, went well.
But I ended up calling it a night kinda early (ie. home at 1 rather than 3)
so I could be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for football today!
Gator Dress: Columbia
Necklace: Bay Studio, Bealls Florida 
Shoes: Apt 9, Kohls 
Bag: Michael Kors
Look at Jake! He is super anti-social and didn't want to join
Mom and Dad for a fam photo =/
See yall Monday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Best Little Workout

So as much as I would looooovvee to be in the gym five days a week-
lets be real.
I mean I have things to do here.
I do try and actually make it to the gym at least twice a week.
The other five days? Eh =/
So I found this work out via and had to share:
It literally takes like fifteen minutes and it WILL
whoop your sweet little butt.
It's perfect for the off-gym days.
I also suggest listening to Electric Avenue Radio on Pandora
while doing this little routine. :) You are welcome.

Tonight Bry and I took our saucy new bikes out for
an evening bike ride sesh. 
I suggested riding up to Brew
(our bar is only a few miles from the house)
but I'm sure he had an idea of how that would end up.
Rehydrating after a 3 mile bike ride with a 400 calorie beer?
Yeah, probably not my best idea. 
When we got back Bry threw some steaks on the
grill while I contributed with a side of instant mashed potatoes.
A cook, I am not. 

Anyway, that is my semi-healthy post for the week year. 
Attempting Pumpkin Spice cupcakes this week! Keep you posted ;) 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tailgate Treats and other Football Shenanigans

Happy Monday Friendsies!
Is everyone loving football as much as I am lately?
If not, I apologize for the obnoxious posts. 
Typically my enthusiasm only lasts about another week-ish.
Thursday we hosted a draft party at Brew.
I thought I was being cute and made my team name
"You Just Lost to a Girl" in hopes that
this would intimidate the boys, but
CBS Sports sucks and didn't tell me there was letter max
in team names, so 
"You Just Lost to a G" 
pops up on everyone's home screen.
My team is looking rough and I don't anticipate winning.

Friday at work was particularly exciting!
We had "Football Friday" in the office- Carrie's idea :)
We all sported our fave team and since
I wasn't creative enough to throw together a
Saints/Gators/Knights jersey of some sort,
I wore orange and blue.
We all gathered in the conference room again
(the conference room is becoming quite the party spot I tell you)
and everyone brought some type of a football-inspired treat.
Enter Pinterest
I made Football Cupcakes, 
which I have made before for Super Bowl
but shhh! They're still fun.
 <3 Compliments to Ash over at Life After the Aisle
for making the team toppers! yay :)
Here's most of the office gang:
I'mmm still getting used to looking at myself with brown hair. WHOA.

Saturday? EEEEEEE 1st HOME GAME!!!
I have said this before and I will say it again:
Bryan is a freak about tailgating.
I will still be in the bathroom straightening my hair
and he has already packed a cooler and loaded the truck with:
the tent
the cornhole
the chairs
the coolers
the grill
the beer
the food
the beer pong table
To top it off, he was actually prepared enough to
purchase a massive cart that transports all of this
madness, for that we may not look like idiots :) 
It is, at this point, clear that guys
don't prepare for game day quite like girls do.
Typical Boy Checklist:
Ladies are obviously more preoccupied with:
*My coozie (koozie? whatever..) is still on its way so I was sporting by TervisTumbler.
But how cuuuuttee are theeeeeeseee??
I ordered mine from The Blue Dandelion.
 I'm such a beer snob so mine will definitely be put to use over the next few months.

Anyway. I may have just turned 24 but don't be
fooled friends, I refuse to set up tailgate anywhere
else than right smack in between all of the craziness,
otherwise known as the student section. 
It's like Spring Break.
No, I am no longer a college student.
But yes, I do make a point to take off for a week in March
and I may or may not be somewhere on a beach 
consuming alcohol all day.
Until I have kids- I will be tailgating like one.
1. It's raininngg, its pouringggg..
YAYYYEEE! Yeah I don't do wet/muggy tailgates.
2. Speaking of tailgating like children. Look at these fools
that I call my friends. 
3. UCF beat FIU but not by a lot. I actually 
started to get a little nervous towards the end.
These boys better lock it up before the Mizzou game on the 29th.
4. The Chevron Dress! Kelley found this gem at TJMaxx
one day and text me immediately asking if I wanted
her to pick it up for me. Yes. I love it. 

That is all I have for you today :) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Funnnn

Oh My Gahhh I am happy it's Monday!
Weekends are getting to be QUITE exhausting.
Just a brief review:

Grand Opening of BREW DOWNTOWN!
Well :) Not even a year into Brew #1 (Waterford Lakes)
and we're already at it again. This past weekend marked 
the grand opening of our newest location, Downtown Orlando.
Extremely proud of my boyfriend. Although he is clearly in
need of a vacation. Here's a little snapshot:
I have officially consumed half of the inventory of our
Pumpkin brews. LOVING UFO Pumpkin at the moment.

Saturday we woke up particularly excited for
our own UCF Knight's game against Ohio State.
We decided to go to one of our favorite college bars
(as 19 year olds...)
that will be no more as of the end of this month.
I figured we could have one more crazy 
Saturday at the Knight Library- drink a few
pitchers of Coors Light (gross) and grab some food-
They weren't even serving food anymore 
and there was a ratio of approximately one
bartender to 60 wasted freshman. So option B:
Buffalo Wild Wings.
UCF lost but it wasn't a total blow away game. 
Storm Johnson had a killer run but it wasn't enough
to take the Buckeyes.
*Also a special shout out to Urban Meyer:
We Hate You. 

The Gators played almost right after UCF
finished their game. Conveniently
we already had a nice high top in the bar right
in front of their giant projector. So we stayed for that game too :)
Florida won..
Welcome to the SEC, Texas A&M.
Also really starting to warm up to Muschamp.

More Football. 
Most of Sunday was also consumed with football.
Starting to notice a trend here?
Had to watch my boys play but I honestly
don't think this season is looking too great 
for the Saints. Still going to be rocking my Brees jersey.

Little bit of retail therapy.
Uggghhhhhh I know I have a shopping problem.
My spending has been under a little bit of control
over the past few months after acquiring a new car payment,
but I'm SUCH a sucker for Halloween decor lately!
Snagged these fun items from the dollar section in Target:

Got a few super cute new tanks!
Looking forward to pairing the orange
tank with a royal blue bubbly necklace :) Go Gators.

Also purchased my first Fall candle.
I know it's still September, but my house is
smelling like mid October :)
And please note Jake looking rather
handsome in the background.. 

AAAANNNNDDD got a new cupcake book from Marshall's!
It was $3.99. Of course I am buying you.
There is a delish iced coffee cupcake recipe that I am dying to try.
I don't have a ton of time to be experimenting in the kitchen,
but it does look cute in my kitchen for the time being.

Lastly (but probably the most

A solid six years of bleach and I have recently
made the decision to switch it up.
I spent most of the weekend
pointing at my hair explaining
"I dyed it..."
after watching people try to register what was different about me.

Hope yall enjoyed the weekend- 
the next few days will be composed of work,
work and more work but I'm really looking forward
to our first home game! Hellooooo tailgating post! YAYYYY!!