Friday, November 22, 2013

{ DIY } December To Do List & Christmas Fonts

Leeeet's talk about Christmas today! 
I realize for most of you that may be an annoying statement, BUT
coming from the person who makes that comment in June, mid-November
is a perfectly acceptable time to be gushing over Christmas-ness.
Everyone has seen the Fall, Summer, etc. "to do" lists on Pinterest, yes?
They're usually the super fun looking printables made up of several different fonts,
framed, and then, more often then not, displayed next to a festive apothecary jar.
Ok so maybe I'm continuously repinning the same one? 
Since this is my first December back home in 7 years I am milking every 
last drop of Christmas out of this month. So I found an acceptable/cute
way to compulsively list-make for all of my December "to do's." 
You will need:
Your computer
Whatever paint app you typically use
Fonts (see below!)
Christmas scrap book paper

First, click below and download some festive fonts.
The more the merrier!
No pun intended.
Next, go ahead and start your collaboration of all of your
"December to do's" and don't forget to use different fonts.
When you have thought of every possible holiday-related activity,
you're ready to print!
Add the scrapbook paper as accents and since we're from the south,
nothing is complete without either burlap or twine.

You can frame it or hang it or whatever you like but I chose
to display mine right smack in the middle of my kitchen on my
fridge where I know I will see it EVERY stinkin day in December.

And GUESS who else is equally stoked about Christmas??
Note: No animals were harmed during the process of taking this photo

Happy Friday :)

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