Monday, February 20, 2012

FISH! (...and FISHING)

So we took the boat out on the St. John's River this weekend. Bryan, who has been watching the fishing channel for basically 72 hours straight, was convinced that we were going to catch something. So here we were- boat, 5 different fishing poles, 5 different lures- I was expecting our day to look like this:


It looked more like this:


Needless to say, we caught nothing. We were on the river for 5 hours straight and spent most of our time fighting the wind. After regrouping over a Bloody Mary and gator tail, we gave it a try for another hour and a half, which resulted in another down-pour and Bryan jumping out of the boat to stop us from getting thrown into the shallows by the wind. We decided to load the boat and go home.

We were obviously set on having some type of fish for dinner the next night. Mahi Mahi from Publix it is! My grill-master of a boyfriend was responsible for tonight's dinner. I mean, come on now! After all, the title of this blog is not "Corin Grills."  ;)

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