Thursday, February 23, 2012

Frost Like a Pro!

Upon graduating from UCF, two of my girlfriends actually bought me a "Frosting Gun" and tip set. This was, hands down, my favorite and most used gift. Actually it was right up there with my sleek and super efficient Macbook Pro (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

 Anyway- the Frosting Gun.

My cupcakes went from- "Oh cute, she tried to bake" to "Who brought the cupcakes??" I mean lets face it, unless you're six years old, your cupcakes should not be looking like this:

Once you get your hot little hands on your own frosting gun , you're pretty much ready to rock and roll. These are the four most common tips:

One Sweet Tip… To really make your cupcakes stand out, try experimenting with different frosting tips!

You can even get creative with it! Check out this gorgeous cake made with tip #4:

Pinned Image

With a few decorating tips and your Frosting Gun loaded, you can turn plain, naked cupcakes into fabulous little treats.


  1. Can I hire you to make a cake for my daughter's 14 th birthday?? I'm serious!!

  2. Can you tell me the model of the frosting gun you use? I have seen others with plastic tips and I like the metal one's better.

    p.s. great blog post


    1. Hi Pamela!

      Thank you :) and the frosting gun that I use is identical to the one pictured above. I don't have the model number but it's called the Wilton Dessert Decorator and can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $30 bucks. Use a coupon!

  3. Thanks so much Corin! I have been dreaming about frosting guns since reading your post!

  4. could you post the recipe of the frosting you used?