Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mason Jar Mania!

What started out as a canning and preserving tool, has now made its way into almost every home (and not just Southern!) serving all sorts of purposes. Mason jars are popping up in events literally everywhere. When Mom and I started planning our rustic, "outdoorsy" Thanksgiving last year, we both agreed that raffia-wrapped mason jars were a must. From that point, I started noticing a TON of cool things to do with mason jars. 

For events such as weddings, showers or birthdays, serve your beverages in mason jars. Simply add a little slice of lime or lemon and a cute straw!

Serving pre-made cocktails is another cute function of a mason jar. If you're hosting an event and are not planning on hiring a bartender, this is a quick and cheap alternative. Grab and go! :)

Making a layered dip? Skip the same old 8 x 8 casserole dish and use a mason jar! These are especially ideal for larger gatherings. Dips at a small, family function are one thing. I'm not on my high alerts checking to see if my nephew has double dipped. Watching a stranger do it, on the other hand, gross... None for me, thanks! 

If you're not into mixing foods- this one may not be for you. Chili and cornbread in a jar! Perfect for a Summer BBQ. My Dad makes KILLER chili. Really craving this at the moment... :D

Mason jars can also serve as a quick and easy centerpiece. Throw in a few flowers and wrap a pretty bow around the middle of your jar. Easy Peasy :)

My best friend's Mom actually inspired me to finally buy some of my own! After watching her whip them out for 3 different occasions- all used differently- I was like dang, I think it's time to invest! She even has Redneck Wine glasses. TOO cute.


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