Monday, March 5, 2012

Angry Bird Cupcakes

So my Aunt is basically walking advertisement (Thanks Aunt Sherry!) When she heard a woman from work requesting Angry Bird cupcakes for her 6 year old, McKaina, she was super quick to throw my name out there.

Challenge accepted! :) A little time-consuming, but overall, pretty easy!

Here's what you will need:

Marshmellows (Regular and Minis)
Liquorice Twizzlers
Orange Candies
Mini Chocolate Chips

Make a batch of whatever flavor cupcake (I chose vanilla) and let them cool.Then mix and divide your frostings by color. I went with red, blue, green and yellow. There's actually a black Angry Bird apparently, but I didn't want to be the one responsible for 6 year olds bopping around with their teeth stained black. Black frosting is a disaster. Period. Anyway...

For the sprinkles, I literally poured the entire contents of each color into a small dish. Immediately after frosting, dip the entire cupcake, frosting side down, into the dish. This is the most effective way to cover the entire cupcake.

Next, you're going to cut  off about an inch long piece of liquorice. Then, cut that piece into half, then half again. Place them towards the top of the cupcake in an "angry" position. If you don't know how to position eyebrows in an "angry" manner, you must have some serious self-control and a wonderful psychiatrist. Google it.

Next, take your mini chocolate chips and squish (yes, squish) them into the mini marshmellows. You may have to use a dab of frosting if they do not stay. These will serve as the eyes. Place them directly under the eyebrows.

Next, slice each orange candy into thirds and position that in the middle of the cupcake for the beak.

Finally, cut off the end of a regular-sized marshmellow and place this under the beak.

Each cupcake should take around 2 minutes to assemble.

I was actually very pleased with how these turned out! And FONDANT-FREE! Yay!

Branding doesn't hurt either. :)


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