Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day Cake for Daddy-O!

How appropriate for Father's Day:

I love Father's Day because its a RELAXING holiday. 
Not that Mother's Day isn't relaxing... well actually, this
past Mother's Day was anything but relaxing. I took Mom to see Tom Petty
at Amway in Orlando. Funnn!

We usually do a grill out or something with my brother (who is also a Father- WHOOP!)
and his family. With my nephew, Alex's, birthday so close to Father's Day this
year, we celebrated both on the same day. What does that mean to you ? 

2 postings in one- yay! 

This year for Father's Day I wanted to do something a 
little different. His gifts over the past few years have ranged anywhere from the 
Noodle golf balls that he swears enable him to golf like a pro :/ to the
 infamous Levi "pocket" shirts that he can't seem to get enough of, to gift baskets full of his fave foods. He's definitely not the "tie" type! To be honest, I think I've 
only seen my Dad in a tie a handful of times. I mean a necktie is to Father's Day 
what flowers are to Mother's Day. Not very original. It was actually
hard to find a card, or anything for that matter, that didn't have a stupid tie on it.

Neck Ties for Chex Mix!

Neck Ties for Coke bottles!

Neck Tie Tablescape! (Ok this one is super cute...)

Again, these ideas would be cute
if my father wore a tie more than twice a year.

My Dad DOES love his Harley! He's had his bike for a few years
now and loves takin that thing out. He doesn't wear chaps
and leather vests or anything- it's not that serious. But he does wear a lot
of Harley tees. He must have mentioned to my Mom that
he wanted an Orlando Harley Davidson shirt, so I kinda took 
that idea and ran with it... ;)

Last year I made him a "Grill Cake" which I refuse to post
pictures of because the thing turned out to be kind of a disaster.
It was sloppy but he thought that was the coolest thing! So this year,
I decided to make a Harley Davidson cake!

Black fondant seemed a little morbid at first but it came 
together and ended up looking pretty neat... 

Again, I have been making fondant cakes
like crazy this month!!

Oh also! Here's something cute I saw on Pinterest! 
I have tons and tons of cupcake liners. I use to store them all in a trifle
next to my stove (another Pinterest idea) but I started to get a little
messy while cooking and I ended up getting pasta sauce everywhere - not
a practical idea. I needed something with a lid. The mason jar only 
stores about a third of the liners that I actually have but looks cute! 

So again, I was a crazy girl in the kitchen with 2 different cake
batters going at once. Taking one cake out of the oven- putting in Alex's

Jake was even getting a little exhausted watching me.

My nephew was turning 8 and reeaalllyyyy wanted "Ninjago"
cupcakes. When Ashley first asked me to make these I totally played it cool and was like
"Ohhh yeah Ninjago! Yep, I can do that!" All the while I'm secretly thinking...
"Who is Ninjago??" 

Thank God for GOOGLE!

So Ninjagos are basically exactly what they sound like.
Ninja Legos.... duh. 

They can clearly be denoted by the "Lego yellow" face with the
evil looking Ninja eyebrows. 

There was quite literally frosting all over my kitchen by the end
of this day. I made yellow and red for the cupcakes and whatever was left over I combined
to make orange frosting for my Dad's cake! 

So YAY for that working out!

I started by only applying a little bit of the yellow frosting to the cooled
cupcake for the strip. Once that set, I went back and used my frosting gun
for the rectangle shape around the face with the red frosting. Then I applied red
frosting all around the rectangle. Finally, I used what was left of 
the black fondant from my Dad's cake for the eye balls and eye brows.

Kind of "Ninjago-y" looking right ??

Alex loved them :)
Happy Birthday kiddo!


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