Sunday, June 2, 2013

'Merica & Layered Lemon Cake

Don't know about y'all but if there is one day
 that I am proud to be an American, it's Memorial Day.
I mean I'm a very patriotic gal so I would say that I'm proud
to be an American EVERY day, but especially on Memorial Day.

Last weekend was spent being
1. Proud to be from this beautiful country and thankful
for all of those who have fought for our freedom
2. Surrounded by my amazing family and friends
3. Showered by this gorgeous Florida sunshine

Notttt to mention another fabulous weekend on the river.

Before I just start to throw pictures at you let me first share
a new little somethin' somethin' that I tried for our traditional Memorial Day weekend/
Grandma's Birthday BBQ.
Layered Lemon Cake mmmm mm mmmm!

Click riiighttt HERE for the BHG recipe that I used. So easy!

Obbbviously couldn't resist these napkins from Target.. 
The kiddos jumpin' in

My handsome Nephew! :)
Mom and I
Jakey Baby got to play in the pool too..
despite Grandma's efforts to keep him out
Claire and Grammy
Happy Birthday Granny!!!
Couldn't fit 83 candles on that baby.. 

Also, extremely proud to announce that we purchased
another boat! WEEEEEE!
AND Jake approves.
AND it doesn't feel like I'm driving a Carnival cruise line... 
which is a major bonus compared to our last one.

Happy official Summer!

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