Monday, July 29, 2013

Engagement Partayyy!

Linkin up with Miss Sami for the weekend update!
And OH! what a weekend update I have for you!
This past weekend was our engagement party hosted by both of our parents and,
let's be serious, my best friend, who did NOT disappoint on any of the
decor and the dessert table. 
1. Beers with my soon-to-be Mr!
2. Mom, future mom and aunt in law
3. Classy and classier
4. Corn hole- because it's not a Southern backyard
party without it!
5. Candiiiiid
6. Orlando friendss! :) 
1. Helloooo cupcakes! Red velvet, chocolate peanut butter & York peppermint
2. Kels & I
3. Some of my most favorite gals (enter smoochy emoji face!)
4. Boots, boots, boots!
5. annddddd the fabulous cake from my sweet best friend
6. The most GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers
from one of my bridesmaids who couldn't make it

With the exception of waking up Sunday morning to
my parents' backyard looking like a frat house, all went well! 
Good food, GREAT company, a beautiful evening and one amazing man
that I cannot wait to marry... 
ok, and one ambersand sign that I almost had to fight someone
for in HobLob because it was the last one. 

On another note, my parents are super old school and insist
that engagement parties don't exist- right up there
with couples showers and gender reveal parties apparently.
IN FACT when I mentioned something about engagement
pictures my Dad said, "Engagement pictures?! Can't we just
put it in the paper?"
What? Dad, no.
So my maid of honor/best friend/dessert table hijacker, Alyson,
shows up with a snapshot of her mom's announcement in the paper
from the 70s. Not helping.

I, personally, think engagement parties are fabulous
and I don't think Bry or I will be making a trip to the liquor store for a few months..
I rest my case.

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  1. You and your bridesmaids are gorgeous! Looks like your party was fun:) Congrats!