Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best Friends Beach Weekend & a Cute DIY

I am onnnnnly about 2 months late
on wishing all of you best friends out there a HAPPY NATIONAL BEST FRIEND DAY!

Didn't know that day existed?
Public Service Announcement:
June 8th is National Best Friends Day
No sooner than we found out did we book our little BFF weekend
at Mom & Dad's beach condo in Treasure Island.
I'm sure the poor people of that little town didn't know 
it was National Best Friend day either.. 
until we showed up with our big mouthes, matching monogrammed koozies
and set up my Canon to snap a gazillion pics of us sitting on a beach.

Friday night we had tickets to see Band Perry where
we screamed sang at the top of our lungs and danced around with Bud Light tall boys.
You're welcome, everyone sitting behind us.
The typical boot shot:
Then we started our Saturday off with a couple of these babies on the beach:
And made sure that we flagged down a random to photograph us:
And then these little gems, compliments of Etsy:
Pictured above is us at our best attempt of being a good sport.
I mean what's a girl to do when you're just sitting at a restaurant,
minding your own business with your oysters and your
key lime martini and BAM! a balloon-making clown walks up and
INSISTS on making you a flashing balloon hat. Sure why not. 

So here's the DIY!
Not that my 7th-grade-history-teachin' best friend doesn't get ENOUGH 
gifts from her students, student's parents, other random faculty members, etc.. 
I saw this little pin on the ol Pinterest and decided it was a necessity for our beach weekend. 
What you ladies are lookin' at above is one little ball of Summer excitement:
a monogrammed Chevron koozie
some SPF
Skittles, duh
a brand spankin' new Cosmo
and a cute little beach towel
all wrapped up and ready for zee beach! :)

Not to go all sappy blogger on you but I don't think I could
do a best friend post without bragging about how amazing MY best friend is.
You know how some people say getting married before 25 is like
leaving the party before 10PM?
If you have never heard that analogy before, just disregard and continue reading...
I think there is SOME truth in that statement but not necessarily
in terms of marriage but in terms of who you are as a person.
As a 24-year-old woman (yes, I will continue to refer to myself
as that for another 3 1/2 weeks until I am officially 25) I can agree
that everyone goes through changes. Someone who you
thought you may have known may have grown up to be someone different.
Point being:
I don't have pictures pinned on my refrigerator of
Aly and I in diapers as babies and she wasn't necessarily
glued to my side throughout high school but she is my best friend and
there is no doubt in my mind that 15 years from now when we're both
married with kids, we will still be drinking wine and laughing like sixteen year olds,
face timing to see what the other thinks of an outfit, SHUSHed at bars because
we are just way too loud together and that, my friends, is a fabulous friendship. :)
In 4 short months we will be residents again of the SAME DAMN TOWN
and in March she will stand by my side as my maid of honor as I marry Bryan.
Although she is still blog-less, I feel like she makes appearances around these parts
quite often so I thought she deserved a formal introduction. :)

..and with that being said I will leave you with this DARLINNGGG
little Pinterest find..

Love you Al!

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  1. My best friend and I have a similar relationship, I've known her for 14 years and through the years we didn't always hang out 24/7 but we were always close and now we do hang out and talk constantly. I think true friendships go way beyond high school and even college:)