Monday, July 21, 2014

Bimini | Part Two

Posting Part II of our Bimini vacation seemed like it was only appropriate 
to do so on a Monday. I mean. Raise your hand if you want to trade in your Monday
mornin' Starbucks for some type of a Rum concoction out of a pineapple. 
If you missed Part I get yo butt caught up to speed and click HERE.

After the most fabulous night of sleep in the history of EVER, we woke
up bright and early and dived right into (pun intended) Day #2! 

Seeeeeriously?! That blue water though.
After catching WAY too much Barracuda (#toomuchcuda) we finally
caught us a nice keeper! Hello, king fish!
The Sapona was clearly our favorite spot- I think we went there everyday!
We anchored the boat out and just floated and snorkled around most of the time. There was SO
much life around the wreck- sting rays, angel fish, blow fish, nurse sharks, grouper.
And jutting out of the water at almost 40 feet, it just had "JUMP OFF ME!"
written all over it. 
{{ Enter a big CHECK off of my 30 before 30! }}
Let me tell you though, getting UP this sucker was no easy task.
Had I not had the liquid courage of a few shotgunned beers that day (see earlier photos)
the above events may have never even transpired. 
First of all, the waves were crazy and this thing was CONCRETE. 
All it would have taken was one big wave and, smack, you could have been slammed
right into the ship. Ouch... And as if that wasn't enough, there was rebar sticking
out everywhere. Once we got into the ship, you had to climb about 15 feet of a rope ladder,
then you had to swing (yes, SWING) over to another short ladder.
Again, thank you, liquid courage. BUT! It was fun! Little painful.. but
definitely cool and everyone did it. 
I can just hear my Mom saying, "Corin, if all of your friends jumped off
of a huge concrete ship into unknown waters, would you?" Ugh... yes, Mom. 

That night we grilled up some lobster and fish and just hung around the
house and did a little beer drinking/hammock swinging. S - O relaxing.

Next up, Day #3!

Days 2 and 3 were by FAR my favorite :)
Other than barracuda, king fish and spearing a few other out of season delights,
we really didn't catch anything CRAZY but when you're in the Bahamas, on the gorgeous 
water in a beautiful boat with friends, who the heck cares? 

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