Thursday, April 25, 2013


So I promised a Hello Kitty party recap today and quite frankly
I'm about to pass out from exhaustion so we'll try and make this short annn sweet, shall we?

If you are lucky enough to follow me on Pinterest 
then I apologize for all the recent pins of fabulous closets
No, actually, I do apologize for the obnoxious amount of closet pins.
I want to re-do mine. However a Mariah-Careylike closet is not in my future.
Back to reality.
I had been pinning a ridic amount of Hello Kitty party ideas.
For that I do apologize.
And can I just get this out of the way?
I don't know why I'm so haunted by Hello Kitty.
Maybe because it's EVERYWHERE. But I'm really not a fan.
Which may come off as an odd statement with the photo dump that's about to occur but
it's kind of like when my Mom decided to sponge paint my room purple.
Yes, y'all, sponge paint.
I don't know if she just had extra paint but I came home and it was already happening.
From that day forward I hated purple. 

Ok I cleeeearly just got distracted again. 
Back to party recap!

First up, which you all have already seen are the DIY favor bags.
These were SO stinkin easy!
Time consuming? Yes. 
But so much cuter than the little plastic baggies they sell at party stores.

Here was a little spread of the dessert table.
Vanilla HK cuppycakes on your left and, per my sister-in-law's
request, Chocolate Peanut Butter on your right. 
The cotton candy was only to serve as decor purposes
but once the kids realized it was there it was game over.

The drink table I wasn't totally in love with
but apparently Florida's weather that day decided to grace us with
hurricanic (that's a word, yes?) type winds so I had to limit
the tabletop decor and move on.
I also used plain 'ol water bottles and ripped their labels off
and replaced them with Hello Kitty tape I found at Michael's.
Voila! Hello Kitty water! Weeeee!
Also, would it be a party if there weren't super cute mason jars?
No, ma'am. :)

For the food spread we went with a "taco bar"
type theme. Random, I know. But tacos and chips and salsa
just sounded delish at the time. So taco bar it was!
I'm actually craving all of this as we speak.

It's a major necessity to have some type of activity for the
kids that are running around. Especially since they're all hyped up on cotton candy.
You're welcome, parents.
So we decided to make an activity table with printouts.
And "pin the bow on the Hello Kitty"
Clearly a DIY.
Kelley's banner also made an appearance in that last little snapshot.
Like I mentioned the backyard was basically a wind tunnel so I couldn't 
find a great spot for the banner that day and I totally forgot to snap a pic. 
Double :(:( 

All in all it was a good day!
Claire was being TOO dang cute making her kissy face all day.
And these ladies made an appearance!

I have basically come to the realization that
I'm in love with throwing kids parties. 
Luckily I'm at the point in my life where every other weekend
is either a bridal ORRRR baby shower.
Hello, sarcasm!
So I'm THINKING it won't be too long until I can start crackin out
some of my friends' kid's parties! Yes?! Yes. 

Anyway, the NFL draft is on which meaaannnssss.... bye! :)

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  1. And it was beautiful! SO lucky to have you plan, make, decorate, and design... well everything! lol I'm just not so up to date on my diy crafty skills as of yet.