Monday, April 22, 2013

Holy Shenanigans: Multiple Weekend Updates!

Can we saaayyy M-I-friggin-A?
To say that I have been literally non-stop over the past month
would be an understatement. I have been a busy, busy BEE!

Let's start with Easter weekend and Bry's "man Easter basket."
I had seen this little gem ALL over Pinterest and could not wait to make Bryan's.
This fabulously classy little basket included all of his faves- 
fishin mag, scratch offs, Peeps, Axe, Little Debbie Easter cakes gag.
Ok who am I kidding? They're delicious.
Red Bull and of course an obnoxious amount of candy.
Annndddd the rest of the weekend was spent on the boat.
The way most weekends should be spent, in my opinion. :)

We'll just have to fast forward through the next weekend
which was Claire baby's 2nd Birthday party.
That little shindig will be on the blog this week for
the SPD link up.

Let's seeee what ELSE has been going on round these parts ?
Sorry in advance for the photo dump...
1. Blue Martini for Shan's Bday! Woo Woo!!
2. A little DIY project for my Bro & Sis-in-Law's new home
3. Lot's of new purchases! One of which being
this baby- monogram, chevron infinity scarf from Very Jane!
4. Andddd some new kicks.
5. BEYOND obsessed with these candles from BBW.
Island Margarita and Tiki Beach ? 
I mean honestly. Someone get this girl on a vacation.
6. Boat day and His & Hers Columbia shirts 

Spppeaakingggg of vacation... 
Guess whose going to Punta Cana in a few months?
Bry & I found a killer deal on Living Social for a 4 night all inclusive 
stay at The Sanctuary. Needless to say I have started a live countdown.

We are in desperate need of a vacation. 
I mean a phones off, toes in the sand, drink in hand kinda vacation.
We really haven't been anywhere since Boston last November. 
I know it SEEMS like we're constantly on vacation.. especially with views like this:
BUTTT don't be fooled. Work sometimes just looks a little like vacation. 
We had to head down to Palm Beach this past weekend for
the NACDS event at The Breakers.

I won't lie- I DID have to squeeze in a little fun while I was down there. :)

Alriiiight I'll stop dragging on about shopping and vacations
and tequila shots and let everyone get back to their Mondays.
Don't forget to swing by again this Thursday for Claire's bday recap!

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  1. girl you have been so busy! I can't wait to see you in the office this week. AND of course the recap of Claire's bday!