Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Snap Shots & a Recent Purchase!

Happpyyyy Monday!
Said no one ever.

This weekend rolled by waaayyy way too quick. 
I was really looking forward to relaxing and getting my glow on at the pool since
the past 3 months full of weekends have been packed.. and well, that didn't happen.

First and FOREMOST- overly excited to announce that I finally bought a nice camera.
She doesn't have a name but she DOES have a fancy schmancy new
camera strap on the way! Thank youuu ETSY!

Ok so technically I bought the camera strap before I bought the camera?
Yes, I realize that is ridiculous but I did kind of name our dog Jake before we even 
knew we were getting a dog. Also, ridiculous. I know.
Anyway, Bryan has made it clear that he won't be toting around
this little beauty with THAT strapped to it but it was a necessity. 

This Saturday was Stacy's 26th birthday which was the perfect
opportunity to start playing with me new toy.. Enter a TON of random pictures.

Clearly still a LOT of figuring out left to do!
Found a TON of good foodie photo tutorials that I'll 
be browsing through this week... 

Also! QUICK movie review!
So this past weekend we saw two movies...
We really do have a movie theatre addition.
Who goes to the movies twice in one weekend?
That's right, people, we do. 

Friday we saw Pain & Gain which was definitely awesome.
DEFINITELY a little gruesome, which was unexpected, but the
movie itself was pretty good andddd it was a true story. 
Action/comedy meets First 48 ? If that makes sense ? 
It's a go. 

Sunday night we saw The Place Beyond the Pines. 
It was a little odd at first- odd meaning is this Ryan Gosling I'm
looking at or Slim Shady? Also the scene where Eva Mendez
walks out wearing a tank top with no bra. 100% necessary?
A little hard to follow but good ending. Go!


  1. YAY for a new camera! I've been eyeing that one... :)