Friday, August 2, 2013

SO You Want to Plan a Party..?

Ok, ok..
I know I have disclosed what I do for a living
more than once, but just to be clear:
I'm in sales.
I LOVE sales and I wouldn't want to do anything else. 
BUT I swear I want to be a party planner in my next life!
I just love everything about party planning, whether
it be a birthday party, a baby shower, a bridal shower,
a cookout, a tailgate- I have even been excited about a garage sale.
I mean a nice welcome cocktail for your prospective buyers of
junk is always fun, no?
I just love the planning aspect and oh, the details!

I also have a weakness- I can't say no.
I will stress myself out to no end before I say "No, I can't."
I get so excited and say "Yes!" to everything that I sometimes
sit back and say "Okay- how am I going to get this done??"
The answer? Organization, people. 
Planning is a huge key to success here. 

Let me walk you through a couple steps here..
1. First, I pick a date. 
Make sure you give yourself enough time to
prepare and arrange either Save the Dates or invitations ASAP.
You want your guests to have enough time to respond.
2. Next, the theme!
 If you're throwing a party for someone,
sometimes there is already a theme decided, which is helpful.
Once you have a theme in mind, then the fun comes in!
3. If there is food involved, I decide on that next.
Reason being? I get easily distracted with the decor/details
that I will literally FORGET about the food! 
Once you have a clear menu plan, whether its a formal, sit-down
dinner or finger foods, you can move forward.
So you've set a date, you have a theme, and you have decided on a menu.
4. Decoration ideas?
I suggest Pinterest.
I actually suggest Pinterest for everything in life. 
Throwing a party ? Pinterest.
In laws coming and you need a quick dinner idea ? Pinterest.
Oh you have tons of lame t-shirts and you don't know what to do with them?
You get the point.
If you are planning an event with multiple people,
create a "group board" so that you can have multiple pinners.
That way everyone is on the same page. It's perfect for multiple hostesses.
5. Decide on games/activities.
Unfortunately your guests aren't going to see the 
time and effort and heart that you put into every little detail.
So don't be upset!
What they WILL be talking about are the games or activities.
I played the cutest game at my Grandma's 80th
surprise Birthday Party! She had about 20 or so friends
there and they all found seats in my 
Mom's living room. Being that most of them
were at least 75 years old (or older) they were ALLLL
into gardening. I placed a name of a flower on the back
of Grandma's shirt and her friends had to give her 
clues to which flower she was. They loved it. 
I have never seen a group of 80 year old women
crack up the way these ladies did. 
With that being said,
choose games that are appropriate for those attending.
(I clearly wasn't whippin out the beer pong table 
for Grandma and her Bingo Buddies).
It is very important, as a good hostess,
to have an itinerary of the day and how you
want things to flow. You may be throwing a party
with your closest girlfriends or you may be having a BBQ
with 75 guests- half of which don't know each other.
You want to make everyone feel welcome and "at home."
Try doing an ice breaker, or make a point to introduce
people who you know are shy. 
I can't tell you how many little gatherings I've been to that
were dead-silent. No music on in the background, no nothing.
This clearly makes for a very awkward group gathering.
I get this from my mom. 
Neither of us can do virtually anything without
having some tunes on.  
I'm not saying to invest in a ten thousand dollar Bose
speaker system, but plug that iPod in and crank up some Pandora!
7. Send your guests on their way with a favor.
I aaalllways always always make favors for my guests.
I'm not sure if it's an etiquette thing that I also picked up from Mom,
but you want to show your guests gratitude for coming.
 Also, if you didn't have enough fun with Pinterest on the party decor,
here's your time to shine! 
Mason Jars of honey from a local apiary with a 
hand stamped "Love is Sweet" note from the Southern Bridal Shower

There are so many cute, cheap and easy ideas-
anything from a cutely-wrapped cake pop to
a  mason jar filled with homemade granola. 
Individually wrapped Cake Pops from the
Alligator Themed Baby Shower

8. Finally print yourself a free party planning template.
Helllooo Organization! :):)

Questions, comments, concerns?? :)
Email Me! 
I honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE helping with parties.

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