Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY Wine Labels: Will you be my Bridesmaid?

You know how much I love a good DIY, right? 
When our parents threw our engagement party last month,
I figured it would be the perfect time to ask my girls. 
Ok, MOST of them knew darn well they were bridesmaids since they had been waiting
almost 8 years for this day to come.. 
I knew I wanted to do something cute but I have EIGHT bridesmaids.
Yes, eight. So sending a singing telegram wasn't an option. 
The solution? 
DIY Personalized Wine Bottle Labels! 
You will need: 
Bottles of wine- preferably one for yourself
A JPEG image
A printing team at Staples that simply adores you

I found a couple photos on Etsy for inspiration and got to work:
First I found a chevron background that I could easily
copy and paste and open in my Paint program.
I recommend Photoshop but any program will work.
Then I grabbed pictures of myself with my girls via the ol' Facebook
and popped em right in the chevron image.

Bryan is a "regular," I guess you could say, at our local Staples,
so when I walked in wanting some sticker labels printed they were suuuper helpful.
I emailed them the images and they played around with them for a bit
until they were the right size for the labels that they had there in the store. 

Once they were printed, the rest was easy peasy. 
I ripped the original labels off the wine bottles and used rubbing alcohol
to remove the remnants and stuck the photo label right on there.
Wrapped some twine around the top and VOILA!
Customized wine labels!

The "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" cards from Flair Design 
were a cute extra touch too. 

End result? Happy girls! 
6 of my 8 girls- missing the 2 Texans! :) 

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