Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pet Paw Ornament

Americans will spend approximately 5 million dollars this Christmas
on presents for their fur babies.
That tells me that I am NOT the only one who goes overboard
this time of year on my pup, despite what Bryan tells me.
I picked up a little paw print ornament kit near one of the registers at TJ Maxx recently.
Seriously, $4 dollars how could I go wrong?
I am such a sucker for anything near or even in the vicinity of a register.
It's like it's practically already purchased, no? 
Anyway here's our end result and how to master your own..

The kit looks a little something like this:
Start by squeezing the clay to break it up a bit. Once it is no longer firm,
mend it into the circular tray. Use the rolling pin to smooth any bumps.

Next, grab hold of your victim, even though he is peacefully eating his dinner.
Squish his manicured little paw into the clay, holding for a few seconds, reminding
your pet to hang tight because it will all be worth it in the end.

Next, use the straw to make a hole in the clay for the ribbon.
Allow it to dry overnight and finish with ribbon aaaannd a bow!
Now go hang that baby right smack in the middle of your tree.
Not so bad right, Jake ? 
He has been through worse... like our Christmas card shoot for instance... 
Happy pet torturing ornament making!

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