Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Despite the fact that we are in the mid 80's here in Florida...
Christmas is THREE DAYS AWAY.
No matter how many times I say, "NEXT year I'll get all of my Christmas shopping done early."
...Never fails.. I am that person who is still in stores shopping on Christmas Eve, practically
being asked to leave as the doors are closing. Whoops!
So here's a few cutie, last minute gift ideas for girlfriends or co-workers.

Everyone loves a good Starby's giftcard.
Spice it up a bit with some craft brown crinkle paper
in one of their throw away cups. 

OPI Nail Polish
Ulta has had some killer deals recently with their OPI nail polish.
Wrap her up with some tulle, curl a little ribbon and BOOM.. cutie last minute gift.

Reindeer Candy Bars

Mason Jar Snow Globes
Seriously SUCH a cute gift.. just.. make sure your lids on tight. :)

Bottle of champs! 
You simply cannot go wrong with any form of alcohol- wine, champagne, vodka.
Get yourselves a festive printable and you're good to go.

Happy last minute shopping folks!


  1. All of these are fabulous ideas! Especially love the starbucks cups:)

  2. Love these last min gift ideas! So cute!
    Would love you to come Join me on a blogger challenge! --->
    Showered With Design