Wednesday, January 15, 2014

LGD: Little Glitter Dress

Every little bride to be knows that once the BIG white dress is purchased.. Check!
the second most exciting article of clothing you will swipe your credit card for is the dress
you'll wear at your bachelorette party.. ORRR bachelorette weekend if you're as spoiled by your
girls as I am by mine.
Flights- CHECK
Hotel Rooms- CHECK
Multiple bottles of champagne packed for the moment we land- CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECKKK CHECKKKKK
Just a brief hint as to where we will be embarking to... 
Man! Am I stellar at dropping discrete hints or what??

Now that we have made that clear some online shopping was in order!
Obviously the first thing I started searching website after website for was
an overly dramatic little white dress. Feathers? Tulle? SOMETHING that was just 50 shades of cray.
I searched everywhere for this fabulous little number from ASOS worn by McKenna Bleu to no avail.
So I gave up on that idea.
Then I bought a dress similar to this Lilly one that I figured I could
spice up a bit with some pumps and jewelry. But it didn't scream
..Because I won't be the one screaming that loud enough anyways..
Then... THEN... I stumbled across pages and pages of New Year's Eve outfits.
LWD? I don't need a Little White Dress!
I then concocted a new term...
LGD: Little Glitter Dress!
Gold sequins? Sold.
I ended up ordering something from Dillard's that just came in
and I couldn't help but prance around the house in it all night.
Seriously... somebody get this girl to Las Vegas immediately. 
And are my calculations correct?!
THREE weeks until I'm roaming around the Las Vegas strip with some of these fabulous girls!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

45 days to go!


  1. Girl, YES! LGD all the way!!!!! Soo excited for you as the big day approaches!!! xx

  2. So much fun! I'm so jealous that your going to Vegas for your Bachelorette party! Your little glitter dress is going to look amazing! The next 45 days are going to fly by! So exciting! :) :) :)