Monday, January 6, 2014

Favorite Things Party { Times Two }

Am I the only one who goes through a wave of depression after Christmas and New Years wraps up?
All the normal songs resume on the radio, decorations come down, Christmas lights come down,
I mean dang people!
I usually leave all of my decorations (and lights!) up until New Year's Day
and choose to believe that any New Year's festivities are technically a Christmas round two.
Speaking of festivities!
I love ANY excuse to throw a party- especially a Christmas party.
Bring out the inappropriate cocktail napkins, pop open the champagne
andddd let's throw us a PAR-TAY!
Recapping my Favorite Things parties today:
Sometime last year I stumbled across Miss Stephanie's favorite things party
and could not wait to throw one this year.. errr.. two?

Favorite Things Party {Round One: Girlfriends }
Favorite Things included:
Stationary: Alyson // Burt's Bees: Haley // Chi Iron Spray: Tiffany // Evian Spray: Amanda
BBW Candle: Jennifer // Down the Chimney Candle: Brittney // Tinted Lip Balm: Anna
Not pictured:
iTunes Gift Card and Mixed CD: Katy // Starby's Gift Card: Your's Truly :)

Favorite Things Party {Round Two: Family }
After briefly explaining to Mom what EXACTLY a "Favorite Things" party entailed
it wasn't too hard the get the rest of the ladies in my family on board: mom, Aunt Sherry,
Gram, my sister in law AND my cousin were all in.

Seriously how cute is my Grandma for giving us all African Violets as her favorite thing?
When she walked in with five VERY awkwardly wrapped items, we were worried.
Then when she said, "We have to hurry and open mine before it dies!"
We were all VERY worried.
All was well and my home is happy with 2 new pretty plants. :)

If you have never hosted a party like this I would totally recommend doing one
and it doesn't necessarily need to be a Christmas party. Back to my theory.. girls just like to party :)

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  1. I LOVE this idea for a party, I keep saying I'll do one every year and never do. You look fabulous as always! and I can't lie to you, I already have the Valentine's Day stuff up. ;)