Monday, January 27, 2014

Housewife 101

If you know me personally and you read the title of this post, I know what you're thinking:
"Yeah? This should be interesting." 
As soon as Bry & I got engaged I knew it was time to kick
it up a notch in the housewife department.
I mean how did I even get this guy to want to marry me?
I can throw one heck of a party and I make a mean cupcake but
it is absolutely noooo secret that I DON'T love cooking and I have
to physically force myself to do laundry.
Well, girls.
Let me introduce you to two new items in my household that have
become an absolute staple in my routine. 

Item One: The Crock Pot
To say that I have been missing out on this little beauty of a kitchen
appliance is a major understatement.
Problem: Don't like cooking?
Solution: Crock pot.
Problem: Don't have time to cook?
Solution: Crock pot.
Problem: Have a full time job and you enjoy after work activities such as going 
to the gym, tanning, shopping or partaking in happy hour 
but you still need to feed your Hulk of a man?
Solution: Crock pot.
You get where I'm going with this don't you?
Find yourself a good crock pot recipe book.
Gather your ingredients.
Throw 'em all in.
Crank that baby up and go.
Literally, go... go to work, go to school, just leave.
Dinner will be waiting for you upon your return home.
It is just fabulous. 

Item Two: The Steamer
Okay...again on the in the dark about things.
This thing is ridiculous.
My Mom, to this day, still spends like a solid day ironing clothes.
I'm sorry but ironing was a luxury in this household.
Laundry would get done and folded if Bryan was lucky.
My method of ironing is called the ol' throw it back in the dryer trick.
But nowwww this gal is wrinkle free! 
I still grab my clothes right out of the dryer and hang them up but
I have so many of my dresses and Bryan's work shirts that wrinkle so easily.
Now the night before, when I'm picking out my outfit for the next day, I steam! :)
Where has this thing been all of my life??

If you're newly engaged or just married and still have some polishing
to do on your housewife skills, seriously, INVEST.

Happy Happy Happy!

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