Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY Easter Garland

Happy half way through the week PEEPS.
Yes. That was a tad cheesy... I can't help it.
But speaking of Easter!
Let me share this super quick DIY with you.
My SWEET, beautiful niece, Claire, celebrated her 3rd birthday this past weekend,
so after I share a recap on that I PROMISE I will be getting around to wedding festivities.
On an even more exciting note, we should have all of our photos back by the end of this week.
Contain your excitement.

Last weekend we started painting Bry's office which meant a trip to Lowe's.
Lowe's does NOT suck lately. Either I'm hitting the early stages of
growing-up-syndrome or I'm starting to lose it but I love a good Sunday trip to Lowe's.
A trip to Lowe's meant.. PAINT SAMPLES! 
When life hands you sample paint swatches, you start Pinteresting.
However, life did not hand these paint samples to me.
I went to each and every shade of color and grabbed handfuls and quickly shoved
them into my purse like a sketch ball. Bryan was in the process of having the paint mixed
and looked over at his klepto wife and said, "We are NOT painting anything in the house
that shade of yellow." The deer in headlights look must have been an instant giveaway to
the man helping him, "Ma'am, those are free. You're fine."

Anyhow, swallow your pride and go in and grab yourself some dang paint samples.
Apparently, yes, they are free.
I printed a template of an egg and traced and cut out each one.
You can either hole punch or hot glue them to your ribbon or twine
(I hot glued because my hole puncher was too big so they would be sliding everywhere).
An ADORABLE, practically free Easter DIY!

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