Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Flag Cake & other festivities

Happy 4th of July!
Hope everyone had an awesome 4th! We sure did :)
Despite the fact that 4th of July fell on a WEDNESDAY this year! 
How weird was that?? 

This week's festivities consisted of:

The Flag Cake 
Ok so the flag cake.
As soon as I saw this on Pinterest I was like-
makiinngg thatttt!

So let me walk you through this mess of a process-

*First you separate your cake batter into 3- a red, a white and a blue.
You're going to be baking 3 different cakes here.
I used a 6" round cake pan but it's  way easier if you use an 8".
Start with the red and the white cake.
*Once they are cooled, slice them in half.
*Place one of the red halves on top of the white half, frosting in between.
*Next, once the blue cake is cooled, cut out a circle in the center of the cake.
*Place the blue cake ring on top of the red layer, again, frosting in between.
*Finally, cut a circle out of the center of each, the red and the white
cake, and place them in the center of the blue cake.

Vodka Watermelon
*note Jake in the background

THIS I have never done before! 
I thought that literally all you do is slice up watermelon
and let it soak in tupperware for a few hours.
That's one way of doing it, but the watermelon get 
gross apparently. So, armed with my large watermelon,
bottle of Vodka and my serrated watermelon knife- 
I thought I was all ready to rock.
Not so much.
Bryan, after first watching me struggle to even cut the "cork"
out of the center of the watermelon, decided to step in.
I wont take credit for this. =/ 

Disappearing Island- New Smyrna Beach
Disappearing Island by New Smyrna was a recent discovery for us!
Bry & I went out there for the first time last Saturday and then
decided to load up the boat again for the 4th.
Constantly moving and re-anchoring the boat was irritating
but the little island itself is awesome.
Possible new favorite spot?!

We totally brought Jake out on the boat with us :)
We never bring him out when we fish because he jumps in after our bobbers.
This is not a joke. 
He will literally launch himself overboard because he thinks it's a toy.
So we got him a little life jacket (which conveniently calms him down)
and brought em along!

There was so many other 4th of July things that I 
wanted to try this year but just never got around to them.. 
..but I was super happy with the way that the flag cake turned out!

Bryan's birthday is only a few days away!
Check back for Jack Daniels cupcakes! 


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