Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic-Themed Treats

Happy 2012 Summer Olympics y'all!

I must have asked the question
"So how much is an actual ticket to the Olympics?" Friday
night at least 20 times. No one had an answer for me.
So I googled :)

Roughly $800- not including travel there obviously.

[In case anyone else was curious.]

In other news... 
The opening ceremony is way too long.
That is something that needs to be worked on for 2016.

The Queen looked like she was wasted off wine and
then I saw this on the internet and almost died- 

I've had a super busy weekend so I haven't had
a chance to experiment with any of these fun, themed
treats but I thought I would share some:

Olympic Torches made with Ice Cream Cones and Popcorn

Olympic Donut Rings 

Olympic Ring Cupcakes with #teamUSA Flag 

Feeling SUPER crafty..?

Throw an Olympic Themed Party!

I, for one, don't have children and can't 
picture my boyfriend and any of his buddies
 partaking in any games without
black eyes and blood so I'll pass. 
I just had my carpets cleaned thanks.

Bring the Olympic Games home!
Choose a few themed treats and pick a couple 
fun and competitive games. 

Check these sites out for ideas:

^^ This site, by the way, is awesome.

I have also seen some DEELISSHH
cocktail recipes for adults. :) 


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