Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July

We are half way to CHRISTMAS!

Only 152 days!!!! So HORRAY for a celebratory Christmas post in July!

I. Cannot. Wait. For Elf. 

The purpose of this post is to serve as kind of a "to do list" for this December..
Let's see how "organized" it turns out... 

1)  Have all shopping done by the 1st week of December
Ok let's be honest. This isn't a realistic goal BUT I am at LEAST going to try!
See my problem is that I typically set myself a Christmas budget- and when 
I finish buying for everyone on my list and am still
under that budget, I kind of continue buying- right up until the day before =/ 
Hellloooo shopping problem!

2) Unique Gift Wrapping
I have been going caarraazzzyy on Pinterest, finding the
cutest ideas for wrapping presents. However, I always come back to
"Who has time for that??"
I'm obviously into details. My mom always says I "obsess over
the way things look." Better said- into details :)
I'm usually the gift bag type because its simple-
bag, tissue paper, done, boom. 
This year I want to try something a little different!

3) Have a killer Christmas tree
This one I am particularly excited about.
Bryan is more about picking out the biggest Christmas tree
but I'm content with a small tree as long as its pretty!
I really like the whimsical look!

4) Bake Christmas cookies with Grandma
Christmas is definitely a hectic time of year. I use to bake Christmas treats with
my Mom and Grandma almost every year but everyone just started getting 
waaayy too busy. Grandma makes some SERIOUS fudge and toffee bars!
Ultimately, I would like for all the girls- me, Mom, Grandma, Aunt
Sherry, Mara and Ashley to do kind of a cookie exchange but
let's not get crazy. I've been trying to nail Grandma down to a baking day anyway
for a "family" baking book. This is another project I'm working on... 

5) Bake in general!
Aside from the Grandma/Corin baking day, there were SO
many things that I saw on Pinterest last year that I wanted to try but
never got around to, starting with those super cute little
Santa sugar cookies above- actually VERY easy!!
Here are a some other festive treats that I want to try: 

There really are so many reasons to bake during Christmas time. 
Christmas parties, office Christmas parties, gifts for coworkers/family, cookie exchanges..
..which reminds me!

Last year we had a super successful Cookie Exchange 
between my girlfriends and I!

leading me to my next point.. 

6) Host another Cookie Exchange
Cookie exchanges are such an easy way to get a variety 
of different sweets! Not to mention a blast with a big group of girls
and a few bottles of wine.

7) Christmas parade with my Niece and Nephew
Last Christmas was kind of a blur between
Claire being diagnosed with cancer and my Nana passing away.
There really was no time for Christmas spirit. Every year Ocala
has a huge Christmas parade. I have gone every year except for last year.
I am ssoooo looking forward to bringing Claire baby to her first Christmas parade!

Now that you're in the Christmas spirit, 
set this as your homepage so you can keep a live countdown
until Christmas 2012. YAY!! 

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