Wednesday, August 8, 2012

College Football Prep!

I love the Summer months and all, but this has been my first
"working Summer"
since I took a sales position at an environmental consulting firm-
as well as everything that has been taking off within the
entertainment industry for Bryan. 
My summer has been slim to nonexistent. 
So Summer? Not so exciting anymore.
But, Fall? :) Yes. Ma'am.
I love September through December.

Fall Highlights include:
Cooler Weather
Pumpkin Spiced Lattes
Pumpkin Spiced Cupcakes
Pumpkin Spiced anything, really..
My FAVORITE heeled boots
Pumpkin Carving
Haunted Houses
7 Year Anniversary (yay!)
Browns/Tans/Other Neutral Tones
And My. Favorite.

My week is typically schemed out according to
who is playing and where we are watching the game. 
Almost every Saturday is spent tailgating at a UCF
game or rooting on the Gators. Sometimes doing both at once!
Like good Alumni- We LOVE & SUPPORT UCF
but we are Gator fans at heart. 

In preparation for this 2012 Football Season,
here are a few things you will need to get your tailgate on:

A Natalie Kim Game Day Dress

Available in several different team colors, including UF & UCF!

Purchase yourself a NKG Dress HERE

I am particularly excited to rock this
Black & Gold chevron dress from TJ Maxx-

Portable Football Grill 

Grills are such a pain in the butt to haul around-
get something festive and portable!

Tailgate Treats

Football Cake Pops

Team Cookies from

Team Cupcakes from

Girly Cooler

..Why don't I already own one of these ??
Saw these at Dick's Sporting Goods a few weeks
ago and already made my mind up that I will be the one
rolling the cooler around for tailgates this season ;) 

No matter who you root for-
[UCF plays Ohio State on Sept. 8th..which should be interesting]
-Happy Tailgating!


  1. i'm not a huge college football fan but I LOVE me some football season! PLUS all the things you listed that are RIGHT BEHIND the football kick off =)

  2. Just stumbled across your blog - I'm a Gator and UCF fan too :) LOVE your Knight's dress!

    1. Thanks doll- always makes college football saturdays exciting haha :) Thanks for swingin by!