Saturday, August 25, 2012

4Rivers Smokehouse: The Sweet Shop

Kudos to you, John Rivers, kudos.
This man is quite literally smokin'.
He originally opened Four Rivers Smokehouse
back in October of 2009. Since then the place has completely
taken off. If you don't think so, take a drive
by any of their locations during a lunch hour- or any hour for that matter.
The line is literally out the door. 
They recently moved locations in Winter Park and Bryan
and I were super excited to check out the new place.
Still a crazzzzyyy line out the front door but so completely 
worth it. I already knew what I was getting before
I even pulled in but waiting in line really got me looking at the menu.
I recalled the over sized cupcakes and pudding cups they used to sell
at their old location but this time I noticed a lot more marketing
geared towards their "The Sweet Shop." They even made sure to place a
second entrance outside of the building advertising it.

via Orlando Business Journal

Once we got our plates and walked around the corner
to what opened up into a cafeteria-like lunch room, 
I was immediately drawn to the adorable little bakery
they had set up towards the back left corner. 

via Orlando Business Journal

In between bites of my delish pulled pork
sandwich, I was kind of scoping the place out.
One large oven, a giant hot pink standing mixer,
very clean cut staff, treats everywhere and a
Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake
sign- I was really diggin' it. 
I basically through away 3/4 of my dinner just
to be move on to dessert :)
After harassing questioning the girl behind the counter,
I found out Amanda Eubanks, a friend of John Rivers,
is the girl behind the idea.
The concept of "The Sweet Shop" only goes hand-in-hand
with 4Rivers so you will never see a stand alone shop.
The owner of 4Rivers must have, not only seen
a great opportunity in Texas-style BBQ, but in cupcakes too!
And for that John Rivers is a smart man. 

image via

So I couldn't just take a peak.
I HAD to find something to take home in the cutie little pink 
treat boxes! Bryan went for the Orange Creamsicle cupcake.
Sounds good to me.
So it LOOKS delicious.
But how does it taste? tastes delicious. Ughhh these people are too good. 

Among other treats in the display case, something else definitely popped out at me.
Coca Cola and Potato Chip Cupcake?? 
Sounds gross but actually looks very interesting!
Next time, Sweet Shop!

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  1. You will have our own sweet shop! I have no doubt! xoxo