Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Golf Themed Cake

Well, I'm officially 24! 
It's going to take me forever to stop replying "23" 
when asked my age. Ugh.
Although I just might stick with that response for a while. ;)

So for my Birthday this past Saturday,
I wanted to do something different.
No party at the house.
No limo downtown.
No giant group of people out for dinner. 
I saw something super cute on Pinterest a while back--
Golf Themed Bachelorette Party!
I loved the theme but no Bachelorette here so I decided on a 
Golf Themed Birthday at beautiful Stoneybrook in Orlando!
Pink, green, obnoxious golf outfits, and Mimosas yay!

Tiffany volunteered to tackle the cake, 
so unfortunately I can't take credit but I still wanted to share.

I gave her a snapshot of a very basic golf-themed cake and 
she kind of took the idea and ran with it.

She baked a standard 9 inch cake and 
allowed it to cool. Once cooled, she cut a wedge
out of the left side of the cake to serve as the sand pit.
She then used a #4 tip to pipe
out the "grassy" frosting, leaving the sand pit
area and the "green" on the right untouched.
Finally, she used a different shade of green frosting
for the green and filled in the sand pit with crushed
vanilla wafers. And the pink flag just made me smile! 

Thanks girl! Love you! 

*Birthday Weekend Post to Follow!*

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