Thursday, December 20, 2012

12 Bars of Christmas... ouch.

Last Friday was the annual 12 Bars of Christmas pub crawl-
not annual for me, clearly, because by midnight it was apparent that I could not hang.
And yes, that is tutu that you see on my 24-year-old body.
I know what you are thinking.
While my girlfriends decided to be all cutie in their red and green, 
I proceeded to bust out the tutu and carried all my belongings in a stocking that night.

I promise I wasn't the only one dressed like that!
Had I not been dancing around like a fool, trying to consume
as many shots as possible during the 2 for 1 special, I would have actually snapped 
a picture of the guy dressed as Buddy the Elf- who I tortured with the questions:
"What's your favorite color??!" all night long- or the man dressed in a
LEGIT, FULL Grinch suit.

So that was iiiiinteresting!
I did forget to mention that this was actually for a good cause.
You either bring a toy valued at $20+ or bring $20 cash
that goes to children of local families. 
Soooooo win, win! 

Saturday was Morgan's lingerie bridal shower!
Her and Jeremy (ok, so we played the "can't sat the groom's
name" game- and I feel like I will never be able to address him formally,
for fear that I will lose one of my little pins) are getting
married in THREE WEEKS and I can not WAIT!

Sorry for the ridiculously LATE weekend update, but CHEERS!


  1. I had a lingerie shower and it was so much fun! I really love the look fab;)

  2. You looked adorable in that little tutu