Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Behave at an Office Christmas Party

Overall ? I'd say Operation Don't Act a Fool: Success. 
This was year numero dos of my company Christmas party and I
have to agree with my bloggy buddy Ash over at 
Life After the Aisle- so far they keep getting interesting. 

Saw this and haaaddd to laugh:
Go ahead and do yourselves a favor and take a gander at that little link.

Typically only the office staff (we are a nation wide company
with our home office here in the beautiful F-L-A) partake in the Christmas festivities.
We do dinner and a white elephant gift exchange.

If you have never participated in a white elephant gift exchange-
I think it took us 2 whole freaking hours to get through presents.

Basically, each person choses a piece of paper with a number on it.
That number indicates the order in which gifts will be chosen.
#1 picks first and #20 (out of 20) would pick last, then #1
has the final choice.
You start by choosing a gift and once you open it and reveal its contents,
its the next person's turn.
They either have the option to steal your gift or pick a new one.
This process then goes on all night long. No joke.

I'm probably making it sound more exciting than it really is.
The whole gift-stealing process was EXHAUSTING and emotional, quite frankly!
If you get a sweet gift- don't get attached, girlfriend, because that thing
will be gone before your inappropriate self can order another cocktail.

This year's most stolen gifts were:

These 3 items must have been stolen- I kid you not- 20 times.
I purchased the stemless wine glasses that came with a rustic, "wine-y"
kitchen towel, so that was particularly exciting to see stolen over and over.

I ended up with....
a motion sensor gum ball machine!!!!!
Is that not as exciting to you as it was for me??
ACTUALLY. I ended up with head phones and another iTunes gift card.
Waaahhh I got that last year.
So I forced one of the guys to switch with me. 

Unfortunately, the only photo I snapped was of me and this hot thing:
Team Bubble Bib Necklaces. YAY!

Anndddddd the night ended like this:
Aside from several secret trips to the bar trips to the bathroom,
I'd say we were all on our best behavior! Bottom line:
I love love LOVE the crazies that I work with.

Innnnn other news, tomorrow is the 12 Bars of Christmas pub crawl.
Get exxciteeedddd :D :D 
I am more than ready to drink some rumpumpumpum 
IF yaknowwhatimsayin

Also, gave Jake a Christmas present a tad early this year.
I couldn't helllpppp itttttt!
It was a little pink, squeaky cupcake and Target gets me EVERY time with the dog toys.
Happy Friday EVE, yall!

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