Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas: The Week in Review

To say that I have been a taaaaad absent
lately is the biggest understatement in the history of.... ever.
Lemme catch yall up to date hererightquicckkk..
(my high school English teacher would punch me in the face
for actually going through with that statement- sorry Ms. Johnson!)
1. Hosted a super successful cookie exchange party. Clearly my Jewish friend
decided to represent.. Star of David anyone?? 
Sorry for the lack of pictures, the "Girl's Christmas Party/Cookie Exchange"
ultimately turned into a Miss Universe drinking game. 
2. Had possibly the most stressful work week in months. 
3. Watched my UCF Knights snag the Beef O'Brady title at their bowl
game in St. Petersburg. Stayed at my parents' condo in Treasure Island and woke up...
and the World was still there. Stupid Mayans.
4. Went home. For like a week. Needed that :)
Where do they have roads like this in Orlando, hmmmm??
5. Mingled with frans and did some interesting outdoorsy things- ie.
Biking the Santos Trailhead (hellooooo out of shape!) and foregoing
the typical skeet ranch and making our own in the forest (semi-illegal). 
6. Had an unforgettable Christmas Eve dinner with my family.
First time ever making Turducken, which is..
Vegetarians stop reading now
Turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken.
Kind of exhausting sounding right?? 
7. Gave my niece and nephew the best gifts EVVEEERRRR.
Totally almost cried when Claire's face lit up once she saw her
 spiffy PINK CAR!
8. Spended QT with my man and plotted for our return to Ocala...
which won't be for years from now but, being proactive here people.
9. GOT PROMOTED AT WORK. Cheeeerrsss!
Now we're finally home and getting everything unpacked and situated.
New Year's Eve is right around the corner and 1-no idea what we're doing and 2-
no idea what I'm wearing. BUT! I did just purchase a 4-pack of mini

Currently looking forward to Lyndsey's bachelorette party tonight (EEEE!)
and naturally I'm excited to be celebrating New Year's Eve
a la Charlie Sheen.
Ok that was a bit drastic.

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  1. love all the pictures.. especailly the one of "home". they just simply don't have tons of places like that around these days:) Congrats on the successful cookie party;)