Monday, December 10, 2012

Giving > Receiving

Holy ABSENT lately!
December is BUSY so far!

Basically the past ten days have consisted of a TON of work,
Christmas shopping, Christmas planning, Christmas decorating...
you kind of get the picture.

It's starting to look very Merry around these parts and I
finally have some presents under the treeeeee :D EEE!
Speaking of presents- know when you're getting old ?
When it's more fun to buy presents than it is to get. 
I don't even have my own little kiddos yet but I'm telling you-
I have been having a BLAST this year buying. 

Starting with my little Princess of a niece:
Remember those sweet little cars from when WE were little?!
Their called "cozy coupes" and I got a STEAL on Amazon!
Amazon is totally my JAM lately. 
Also. Let's discuss the book for a moment.
"If I Were a Bunny." Ever heard of it??
If you have a little nugget that you need to buy for- you MUST
purchase this book! Babies love the "touchy and feely" stuff.
Every page of this book has a different texture! 
I probably flipped through Claire's like a million times. 

Then there's my fave little nephew!
He is my only nephew, but I just love him to pieces and Bry and I
are totally trying to get him into football:

In other news, fun posts to look forward to this week:
Fabulous Christmas Wrapping
Kohen's STAR WARS Birthday Cake & Cupcakes!
12 BARS OF CHRISTMAS this weekend!!
Girls' Cookie Exchange/Cocktail Party Invites- woop!
Morgan's Lingerie Bridal Shower

Ok- short and sweet tonight, people because I still have a TON
of work left to do tonight! Today was exhausting to say the least- I won't
get into it but let's just say it involved my boots, a hard hat and a ton of mud.

See you tomorrow! SMOOCH! 

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