Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

Well HELLO there sugars.
Been a tad absent lately but hey! I'm a busy girl- what can I say?!
These days are just full of Red Bulls.. and emails.. and party planning and oh!
Highlights :)
Hashtag selfie. 

I've also been makin a friggin heck ton of CAKES!
Birthday cakes, mustache cakes, gender reveal cakes..
Take a look see:

First was Kristen's friend's 40th Birthday cake.
LOVED the detail that I managed to pull off on the bottom tier
but the "40" on the top ? Not sure what I was thinking there...
it's lookin a bit like a NASCAR side panel if I do say so myself.

Thennnn was my sweet sisttaa from another misstaa,
Crystalynn's, 25th birthday cake.
I mustache you a question...

Last but certainly not least was Taylor's
little nugget's gender reveal cake! 
I. Love. This. Idea.
I know it's not a new concept but this was definitely my first experience
and holy nerve wrecking.
Luckily the doctor was generous enough to not only clearly
write down the gender, but it was also appropriately colored with bright pink
jusssst in case. 

It's a..
GIRL! :) 
Taylor will be welcoming Miss Aubree Rae in about 4 months. 

Needless to say I have been in baking mode and with Easter
this Sunday (yes people, it's already EASTER) I'm thinkin
that I'll whip up something festive. Yesssiirrr.

I leave you with this little gem.
And now you will all have that obnoxious little jingle stuck in your heads.

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  1. Omg each of these cakes look delish!! Ill take on of each!! please and thank you!! i cant wait to see what u come up with for Easter!!