Monday, March 18, 2013

The Ghost of Spring Breaks Past

This isn't the first time I have said this but Bry and I have decided
that we must partake in some form of a "Spring Break" in the month of March
for the rest of our lives. Even when we do eventually have children.
Even when we're 80.
Does that sound a bit dramatic ? That's because it is. 
I cannot put into words how much I LOVE the month of March in Florida,
especially when I was in college. 
Every year (5 to be precise- yes, I took the scenic route to graduation)
when February rolled around we knew it was time to get our butts
in the gym slash tanning bed to gear up for the much anticipate Spring Break trip.

Let's review shall we?
1. Spring Break '07- Panama City Beach
My first official college spring break.
To say the least, this trip did not disappoint.
2. Spring Break '08- Panama City Beach Round II 
We had such a fab time the year prior that we said
eh- why not?!
3. Spring Break '09- Mexico
Best. Trip. Ever.
We have like 20 people on this cruise.
I honestly think only 10 returned ? 
4. Spring Break '10- Key West
Ok at this point we're all saying "Spring Break '10 ? 
That doesn't even SOUND cool anymore!"
5. Spring Break '11- Key West Round II
Again- decided we had so much fun that it was
a necessity to return the following year.

Bryan and I have been so friggin busy lately that I honestly
don't even think we realized it was March until a week ago.
So here we are. Mid-March. No vacation plans.
Enter this past weekend.
So my loveeely gal pals from back home decided to spend the weekend in Orlando
and the whole time it was kind of a joke that this was our
grown up version of Spring Break 2013.
Mainly because we are old.
And also because each morning we woke up our livers were hurtin'.
1. Pre-St. Patty's downtown pub crawl!
2. Morning mimosas and getting our glow on.
3. Dinner at OPA which is a RIDICULOUSLY fun Greek restaurant.
4. Lynds' arm candy was photo worthy.
5. The anticipated boat day out at Disappearing Island for St. Patty's Day
6. Dyinngg on the boat. Hottest. Day. Ever.

Soooo that was the weekend/working girl version of a spring break/
drank too much/ate too much/got way to much sun update!
Don't forget to link up with Miss Sami for the weekend update.
And Happy Spring break to all you other in denial working gals!


  1. Spring break is always great fun!! i am so glad you got to get away for the weekend!! it looks like a great time!

  2. So glad you have such a fun tradition! It really looks like you have lots of fun! (: Found you form the shenanigans blog hop! (: