Friday, March 8, 2013

Green & Dirty

Thaaat's right people. That is how I like my men.
Those are just 2 words that described the ending of my weekend
and the beginning of my week..

1. 4-Leaf Clover Door Hang with Burlap Flower
2. More fun purchases from Michael's
3. Everyone loves a yard steak, yes??
4. Hanging Leprechaun Hat

Looking back at this picture, I'm seeing a lot of glitter.
I'm thinking I need to do less on the glitter decor ?

Like, super dirty:
If you're looking for an explanation, I really don't have one other
than- Bryan bought a new toy ? ;)
We're actually planning on reenacting this again on Saturday.

Sorry for the picture repeats if you follow me on IG...
which reminds me!
If you don't already, go follow me on Instagram righhttt meooww!
That way you can have access to these obnoxious super fun pictures
at your hot little finger tips..
(Ok, I feel like there's some type of a rule ?
I can only get side tracked once in each post.
Today we're gonna go with 2 mmmk??)
Anyway- fingertips!
I feel like I have the STRANGEST ailments I SWEAR!
So last Friday I made a birthday cake for one of the girls I work with
(post coming soon)
and basically it's been a week since I have had sensation
on the tip of index finger on my right hand from my frosting gun.
What the efff man??

Alright yall- Happy Friday & I hope everyone else
is counting down the hours until Margaritas.
Oh that's just me? Yay!

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