Monday, March 11, 2013

Shenanigans or lack there of..

Happy Monday Morninggggg! 
YES! I am annoyingly chipper this morning despite the time change. 
By the way, it's 2013.
Invest in a smart phone people, it's amazing the things it will do for you. 
Actually I take that back. 
The clock in my car has been wrong since LAST daylight savings and a few weeks
ago when I finally decided to change it back an hour to the accurate time, I made
an executive decision to hold off on that until this past Saturday.
Makes sense, no?
Back on topic- not a ton of shenanigans to report this morning
as I purposely didn't cram pack my weekend with exciting festivities. 
It feels like we have been out of town practically EVERY weekend.
1. Popped some cuppycakes in the oven Friday night
because the "baked goods" smell was starting to leave my house... sad!
2. Had some sushi at my FAVE little downtown restaurant with
Bry Baby and, of course, a movie to follow.
3. Met up with my parents in Daytona for Bike Week
and myyy my my my an experience it was.
4. Sunday walk with my boys. Can we say handsome?!
Say handsome. 

This week will be consumed with:

1. Work. And a ton of it.
2. Cleaning. Literally I have a cleaning project to tackle every night.
Happy Spring cleaning yaaalll!
3. Dinners at home.
Yeap. We're trying to do that money-savin thing where we DON'T eat out.
4. And mastering this bad boy- which speaks for itself.

Everybody go back to getting your Monday on and have a good weeeeeeekk.


  1. those cupcakes look yummie!

    How was the movie?

  2. Those cupcakes look SO good and perfect! Happy Monday!

  3. those cupcakes... mmm! i need to clean too!
    Helene in Between

  4. Cupcakes and 6 minute abs = new follower