Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Job & Desk Inspiration

Bad blogger.. party of one! 

I, needless to say, have been slacking again
I just wrapped up my first week at my new job and time has been a luxury.
First weeks of everything usually draaaaggg on. Work, class, you name it.. 
I always hated the first week of classes. That could be attributed to
the fact that my name was almost always said incorrectly. 
CORE-IN ? No, Corin... 
As in Corin-thians in the Bible. 
As in Corin from the movie Big Daddy who, yes, worked at Hooters.
Anyway, the first week is usually the week that you want to just be over.
Piles of paper work. 
Being introduced to everyone.
Then forgetting their names.
Having all of your new co-workers judge every. little. thing. about you. 
Trying 3 new routes to your new office. 
All of which just so happen to force you to drive through school zones. Help.
And then theeee worst.
Yes, that happened.
Fortunately, there is one just a mile away with-
wait for it-
a drive-thru. Thank the heavens. 
But this week was a little different!
I literally just dove right into my new job and MAN does it feel good.
to be back in the field selling! 

Naturally a new job brings a new little workspace! 
I haven't been able to do much yet but I am looooving these ideas:

Picked these up for $15! 

I'll keep y'all updated on the work space
progress but again, time is a luxury, people!

In other news, here's a few recent weekend snapshots from zee new camera:

Deep sea fishing with this guy!

Jake was not wanting to pose with Mom on Mother's Day..

Out for dinner for Tiff's 25th! 

Back to my Sunday not-so-fun-day! 

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