Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No Mas Margaritas

It is now Siete de Mayo which means I am dos days late
on my Cinco recap. TRISTEEEE!
That is "sorry" in Spanish and no, I did not know that off the top of my head.
The translator app for iPhone works wonders.

I for one am ecstatic that Cinco de Mayo and any other
Mexican-related festivities are over. 
I don't think I can consume any of the following for at least another 3 months:

Anything With Sour Cream
Anything Lime Flavored

Needless to say I'm well overdue for a little
detox sesh buttttt here's a few snapshots from this past weekend:

Happy Hour with this pretty girl and a few other co-workers!

A fun little assortment of our fave brews at our little Sunday get together. 

Ohhh the Mustaches!

Jake lovin' him some sunshine. 

Not so much loving going down the slide with Dad. 

Some of the gals. 

In other news, it's officially Summer here in the F-L-A
which means..... BOATING SEASON!
Until I realize that I am a working professional and I technically don't have a Summer.
Therefore, boat days will be limited to Saturdays & Sundays.
And this upcoming Friday.
Annnndd maybe a few after work boating-sessions...

Have a good work week ladies!

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