Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday: Island Edition

Oh haaayyy Friday! 
Linking up for Five on Fri because, well why not?
- ONE - I'm not even going to ease you into this one. BIMINI. Boom. I am obsessing over this little island and I haven't even been there yet. A quick trip from Florida,  this little Bohemian island is only a 20 minute plane ride or an hour and a half by boat and, since we're feeling adventurous, we will be taking the latter mode of transportation. July 2nd-6th. We're booked! This is happeninggggg.
- TWO - Itsy bikini bottoms from Victoria Secret. So fun! They're literally only $13
bucks right now and did you know that they will match the price in stores??
I did NOT and then proceeded to go a little overboard. Seriously who else goes into VS with a free panty card and walks out with at least $100 bucks in merchandise? Guilty. 
- THREE - Okaayyy with that being said, fave numero tres is definitely this little workout routine
that will now become my BFF. I love, love, love the elliptical because I'm just not a runner 
and I can't wait to try these intervals. 
- FOUR - This song.
{ P R E S S  P L A Y }
- FIVE - These 4th of July monogrammed koozies.
Gotta have 'em. 

Happy (almost) Weekend!

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