Monday, June 9, 2014

Treasure Island & Beach Bag Essentials

Due to lack of shenanigans this past weekend
Seriously, we went to the movie theater twice.. who are we??
I'm sharing my beach bag essentials and LAST weekend's mini vaca with Mom. 
Treasure Island seriously never disappoints.... 

But first! I read the funniest article the other day on how you can tell if people have kids
or not by the items that they bring to the beach. Like their children, for example. No, I'm kidding.
People without kids usually bring a cooler of beer and maybe, if they're smart, a sandwich.
People with kids bring water, Gatorades, juice boxes, 4 different types of sandwiches, cheese sticks,
fruit, chips, cookies.... I mean how do these people even have anything left in their pantries for the following week?? I literally have to laugh because I think its a hassle NOW to load up and go 
to the beach that I can't even picture a beach trip as a family of four. 
1 // Floppy Hat. Shades your sweet face and hides your hot mess beach hair! Win, Win!
2 // A Magazine. People watching isn't enough. Your ADD will eventually kick in
and you'll need something to do to preoccupy yourself because your Mom
doesn't want to hear you talk for 4 hours straight. This was supposed to be relaxing, remember?
3 // Obnoxious shades. Because the hat isn't obnoxious enough AND
they were only $12 from Old Navy. Weeee!
4 // Tanning Oil. LOTS. To the point where you look like you're ready to compete
in a bodybuilding competition. 
5 // Some type of a beverage. One of my girlfriends turned me onto the new
Coors Light summer brew and I. Am. Obsessed.
Run to the store immediately and get yourself a 12-pack.
6 // The Cube! Or something to blast your tunes. Unless you're playing Jason Derulo
"Talk Dirty to Me." If that is the case, keep that one to yourself.
7 // Noodles! For when you get hot and need to bop
around in the ocean. Also multi-purposed as a head rest. You're welcome.

Early Saturday morning we packed up all of the goods and started making our way towards Tampa.
My parents have had their beach condo in Treasure Island for a little over 3 years and I swear
this was their best investment (other than myself of course) because I am SO in love with this little beach town. See also National Best Friend Day Beach Weekend.
I wasn't kidding about the Coors Summer Brew.
Suns out buns out!
After getting way too much sun, we headed to the casino!
I thought I would play it safe and stick with the roulette machine rather than sitting at an
actual table. $120 dollars later. Wrong. 
Coffee tastes better at the beach :)
Pretty solid $5 dollar investment I have there!
 This was way too funny not to take a picture of.
What you're looking at here is an obviously empty beach chair, 
several empty beers and a pair of men's underwear. 
The beach was completely empty when we walked down Sunday morning,
with the exception of this. Someone clearly had a top notch Saturday evening.
 ...You then grab a Strawberry margarita even though it's only 10:30 am
and jump into selfie-mode while your Mom relentlessly tries to plant the umbrella into the sand.
After an obvious fail, she needs your help as she's engulfed in the very
umbrella that she was trying to set into place.
The wind is blowing like crazy, your margarita practically flies away and
all hell is breaking loose. But no, you grab your iPhone and snap a photo
of all of the madness. Looking back, Mom now finds this photo pretty funny.
Not at all the case as it was happening. 
 All is calm. After we ditched the dysfunctional umbrella.
 Being a kid, per the usual.
Side note: Mom S W E A R S as she was taking this picture a sting ray came jumping out of the 
water behind me. The guy pointing at something is probably a pretty good indication that there was. Treasure Island is usually swarming with them but I've only seen one jump once.
I had to google it because I was convinced there was some radioactive, flying creature in the
water at the time that it happened. Please tell me I am not the only one who has seen this occurrence..?!
Beach ice cream is the BEST. So is beach coffee.

...Actually, everything is just better at the beach.

Happy Monday!

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  1. What a fun weekend! I like your margarita at 10:30AM too. Wish I could have one now! :) Thanks for linking up! xo