Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our Wedding: The Guys

Ohhhhh the boys :)
What would a wedding weekend be without some shenanigans from the groomsmen?
What I probably hadn't previously mentioned were our accommodations for the weekend. 
We were married at BG Equestrian Resort, which just so happened to have the most
GORGEOUS, jaw-dropping, 8 bedroom "house" (for lack of a better term.. can we just say castle?)
on the property that we also rented for the weekend. In the first phases of planning, I knew I wanted
to make a whole weekend out of our festivities and, with 250 guests, a destination wedding
was not exactly an option. With this house we would be able to accommodate our entire wedding party
and some of their dates for both Friday and Saturday evening. This was PERFECT because
we ended up holding our rehearsal dinner there as well. 
I made strict arrangements to be IN my bedroom with my sweet maid of honor (with a glass
of wine of course) no later than 10:00 PM. I. Was so. Wrong.
Shortly after the families left, there we were, 25 individuals between the ages of 23 and 28,
already a little jazzed up over pre and post rehearsal cocktails, left in this massive house
with copious amount of alcohol remaining. I felt like the camera crew from Real World
should have been following us all around for crying out loud. 
Liquor flip cup soon commenced, one of the guys actually got carried up to their
room by none other than the Groom-to-be and the MOH and myself may or may not
have decided to start karaoke. Around 12:30 or 1:00, I FINALLY made it to my room.
I was so worried about not being able to fall asleep the night before but as soon as my little head hit that pillow, I was out. Until around 3:30 AM. When quite a few of the groomsmen 
proceeded to stomp around outside the master bedroom as if they were wearing freakin combat boots.
This house was almost 9000 square feet, why are you doing the A-town stomp
right outside of my bedroom? Go play in the other 8800 square feet of the house!
Bridezilla maaaayyy have come out for a split SECOND, then all was calm. 
Back to sleep and back to happy Bride :)

I still can't believe we pulled off staying in that house without any major injuries. 

Anyway, back to these handsome fools who we got to call our Groomsmen!
Obligatory goofy sock pic, of course.

A quick pre-ceremony cheersies.
Annnddd they're off. Bryan looking totally cool, calm and collected. 
Would ya look at this good lookin' son of a gun?
Holy groomsmen!

And! Wedding Wednesday bonus (or just because I can't do a post
with only two pictures) our group photos of our entire wedding party. 
Love, love, LOVE the lighting on these!

Uggghhhh, can we go back in time to March 1st already?!

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