Thursday, June 5, 2014

Turks & Caicos Recap

I kid you NOT when I say that I'm going through fun in the sun withdrawal today.
Oh you haven't heard of that illness before? It's real, I tell you.
See also: Where is my umbrella in my beverage? and Pass the tanning lotion. 

This will be my first FULL week back at work in over three dang weeks.

Today you're in for a real treat! I'm sharing a recap of our Turks & Caicos trip and next up
will be MDW (or Memorial Day Weekend if you're not up on your instagram acronyms) anddd
then this past weekend's mini beach weekend with Momma! 
I know. We have been all over the place lately.
If you feel that it's only necessary that you sip on a frozen strawberry margarita or six
while browsing through these photos, or the next few blog posts for that matter,
then by all means! 

It all started three weeks ago, when we were setting sail to the islands of
Turks & Caicos (by the way, why is it so fun to say Turks & Caicos?)
south of the Bahamas, in the British West Indies for my fabulous 
sister-in-law's 21st birthday... 
Off the beautiful Miami coastline.

Shannon wasted literally zero time grabbing herself a $16 Bud Light.
Docking in Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos

Myself & my hunk of a Husband. Please, Bryan, flex a bit more babe.
Offshore excursion? No thanks! We'll head to the bar!
The water in Turks & Caicos was so so SO blue, literally unparalleled. 
Screen saver worthy, am I right?? 
And finally a gorgeous sunset despite the clouds moving in on our way back home.

Side note:
Not quite sure why I only have a handful of photos from the whole trip?!

Anyway.. it wasn't the longest vacation but it was absolutely perfect.
I'm not the 10 day vaca type of gal anyway because around the 3rd or 4th day
I'm over here like "Soooo where's the Wifi??" But nonetheless
I will absolutely be making a trip back to this little fabulous little island. 

Now back to reality and resuming normal Thursday activities. 


  1. I can not get over how blue that water is!!! It's so pretty!
    Loving your bathing suit girl!

  2. Love love love cruising! I've been on so many cruises, yet I've never been to T&C and everyone raves about it! Looks absolutely amazing :)